Monday, March 26, 2012

So far so good

I really miss this blog. :)

Peace be upon you dear readers :D its been a while since last I blogged. I left this blog after I commenced at UIA. and I made my blog private since then. Due to my busy-ness and lazy-ness, I just lost my interest in writing. especially in this public journal/diary :/ Time flies very fast! isn't it? I do miss blogging, rambling everything's here :P naaaaah, lets start :)

Alhamdulillah, life has been so great to me :D I've started my Degree in UIA, Gombak. (cehh, dekat je pun dengan rumah). Taaruf week (another name for orientation week) was fine eventhough many things happened. but my girlfriends never leave me alone. Yayy. my second week in UIA wasn't that easy. being lost in your academic building and campus was terrible. If I were alone, I will straight away run and go back to my room -.- but big girls dont cry :) Thank you dear friends! and yeah, after a while I managed to handle everything. for one thing I realized degree is difficult and tough! MORE THAN I EVER THOUGHT.

Garden of Knowledge and Virtue :) my life has been pretty great there :D I have good friends and the surroundings are good too. Talking about surroundings, the environment in UIA, you just cannot run from talking about this thing. LATER, I will post it. hihi. I learnt a lot :') degree life, you cannot depends on others much! the lecturers too treat you as an adult. gotta find really good friends which can support you through thick and thin! must have less drinking buddy! and use my time wisely! I thanked Allah for everything. Yeah 29th February :P leap year! something happened to me that made me stronger than before.

Its great to meet your friends back after such a long break :D

We sure growing up and will grow older >.< one more thing I realized, whenever I looked into myself, I've changed bit by bit and turned into different person since I graduated from high school. I am more mature as to be compared the last 2/3 years ago :P but still a talkative as before. no longer afraid to make decision, I learnt to believe myself more and more and have faith in Him. In this short life of mine, I've been through happiness and sadness, anger and hatred! I am reaching 20 :) a young woman I can say. mwehehe. it gets bigger and bigger every year. Appreciate your life that Allah has given to you because life is just too short to be wasted.

-The only thing that constant in life is CHANGE-

xoxo, AINA.