Saturday, September 24, 2011


Final examination is just around the corner. I know I should read and revise all the notes and books. but somehow I cannot run from reading novel.Its a passion :D Yeah, I just finished reading A Walk To Remember. eventhough i've watched the movie for several times, believe me = :P the novel is much more interesting and touching. awww :') I wish I could have all the novels suits with my mood and taste. Hihi. Someday maybe =) bye.

p/s : thinking of to sell all my twilight series novel.I have them all.

Aina Nadiah :)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)
Cheers everyone!

We are not from the same blood.We are not sisters from womb to tomb! but guys, in our life we must/have to find someone (or might be more) that you can count on.To wake you up,go through thick and thin,to make you stay strong for all the times. For all this while, I'm so thankful that I found them :) we are from different background,but somehow there is something that tied us together.


23/09/2011- They came to visit us. they are my sisters from Gombak :P really happy and had fun met them just now. they made my day.we went for our brunch(breakfast+lunch) at McD. had a lot of chitchat,stories,gossiping and we were excited to ask them about Gombak, and so on so forth.>not takin so much pictures< 

I decided to go back home together with them since they are heading to Gombak back :P we boarded UIA bus since it is free ;p yeay! jimat.-tgh syok2 duduk dlm bas tu, sorang pun tak perasan yg dah terlepas dari stesen universiti. huh >.< - tak pasal2 sampai UIA PJ, kena naik bas metro pegi stesen universiti. thats my story with farah and sarah ;p dugaan -.- when we arrived at the lrt station, something happened to Fara's shoes! dugaan lagi -.- then, we boarded the train to our destination. Me and sarah stopped at KL Sentral and we dismissed. tata.

I hope our frienship won't tarnish.
as the years rolled by.


p/s : Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah! :) Happy 19th. We all love you~

Aina Nadiah :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Play Hard,Study Smart

Hey,this semester has come to its end.-cepat sungguh masa for me, I am almost done with every single things. and of course the final battle, FINAL EXAMINATION~Examination always drive us crazy or insane. no matter where and when.I'll try my best.Dear CFSIIUM fellas, put the best effort in everything you do. Aja aja fighting! i hope fate fares you well and all your hardworks will be paid.

Aina Nadiah

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kahwin awal

is it a good idea to get married when you are 18 or 19?
kalau dah sampai seru nak buat mcm mana. ^_^
hawa nafsu tu mana boleh di tahan-tahan.(my cousin said)

to me, its too early.! many things need to be considered, not just you and him. marriage? tanggungjawab sangat berat!but somehow ada je some of my collagues yg dah kawen. they look happy, bahagia~ tapi tak kesah lah kalau dah ready and suami tu pun dah ada kerjaya yang stabil , mampu bagi nafkah zahir dan batin. but still in my opinion, its not a good thing since macam budak-budak lagi. mentah (referring to myself and some friends).


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya ;p

Assalamualaikum :) how are you dear readers?
I am fine and Selamat Hari Raya.

I hope all of you had a great time with families and is the time for you to gather and catch up everything.okay people, i came back to KL on Friday and arrived at 1 am. so Saturday laaaah kaaan. hehe ;p i had a blast raya. Alhamdulillah. i got the chance to meet my big family during our family day especially my pweety, beautiful, and handsome cuzzies~

Jyeeeaaaah, lets enjoy some of my raya photos :)

1st Syawal :) - celebrated in KL~

with abah and angah

at Abg Long's house

2nd Syawal :) - Penang and Kedah

arrived Penang in the afternoon and headed to Kedah at 5pm. so tiring.

3rd Syawal :) - Family Gathering at Putri Ayu Chalet

at Sg Tiang :)

with my beloved cousin. taller than me ouh!baru F3 :P

celebrating maman and mamin's bday at Putri Ayu. spot, where is she? hehe.

4th Syawal :) - meet my grandpa again at Penang after the closing ceremony of family day. then off to Kuala Lumpur at night~ will upload the photos soon.

5th Syawal :) - beraya with friends.




i-Zen Kiara :) we were dormmates!gonna miss you aliyah~

Ok peeps, i got to go. i am going back to Nilai.hukhuk.for those who will enroll at any universities, all the best guys.I had learnt so much about families and friends. our bond between cousins become stronger than before. I am happy when they are around.I miss them already.and Dearest Aliyah, all the best dekat UK nnt. if ada masa, i will send you.will be missing you.


Aina Nadiah.