Friday, February 1, 2013

Aisyatun Nadhirah, please download all for me :P hihi.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bachelor of English Language

Being in this path was NEVER my first choice. Studying the thing which you sometimes don't have any idea of it is vain (at times). I had never been exposed to this such thing so called Bachelor of English Language and Literature during high school -.- SESERI :) When I was there, we have been exposed to a lot of science courses. Well, the most popular would be MEDIC :P and of course few others like Engineering, Accounting and many more which yang orang selalu sebut-sebut tough course tuuuhh! and I DIDN'T CHOOSE them.

To tell you the truth, I was so sad when I received my SPM result! :( yelah, just imagine people really have have high expectation towards SBP students. and yeah, saya masih ingat semuanya! menjerit-jerit kegembiraan, bersalaman, ucap tahniah. sedih, Allah saja yang tahu. toleh kiri, dia dapat 10 A. toleh kanan, dia dapat 10 A jugak... OMG, takpalah. cuba mencari kekuatan. at that time, I told myself to be patient. BE PATIENT. 

So, in May 2010 I registered myself at Centre for Foundation Studies IIUM :) doing foundation there for one and a half years. owh ramai jugak yang bertanya, dulu kan Science stream, kenapa tak buat medic ke? Okay, bukan tak boleh makcik, saya yang dah taknak >.< I still can go to Matriculation College if I want. but this is MY CHOICE. and yeah at that time, I told myself, Insya'allah this is the best for you. BE PATIENT!

I know many people will say, you're taking English? blaja ape je? TESL ke? and so on so forth. and a lot think that ENGLISH is very very easy course! you're so wrong man! we are not studying the grammar and comprehension just like in primary and secondary school. it is more than that. this course has always challenge my mind. and of course, I learnt a lot of new things.

After one and a half years of toil and pain, HERE I AM. International Islamic University of Malaysia. still furthering my study in English :) so cool. haaa, yay or nay? the same thing happen. ramai jugak tanya, best tak blaja English? eh blaja apa je? susah tak? lemme tell you, I really enjoy what I am studying now. they are all easy to learn, fun to know but HARD to score! gulppp. tak percaya? pergi lah tanya budak BENL dekat UIA berapa ramai yg DL?

However I always believe that there's always something good in what Allah has planned for you. you just gotta work hard, put efforts as much as you can and pray to Allah :) the picture up there. it was during my Drama Performance 2012. it was one of the best memory ever in my life. we were given the chance to act in front of people. banyak la bakat-bakat terpendam tu terserlah masa ni. Who knows? *owh rindunya nak berdrama lagi* (^_^) this is the fun and exciting part despite the pain and hardship we have to go through.

Enthusiasm. we need it in every single thing we do to show passion, interest and to keep everything going. the subjects are getting difficult day by day. to me, wherever you are, whatever course you are studying, it has its own level of difficulty. there's no such thing as easy and simple as ABC in this world right? but somehow, it depends on how you interpret HARD! for some people, it can be easier and for some, it can be the toughest.

BENL. Done year one! How fast time flies. After all, I survived. Insya'allah will survived for another 3 years. Pray for me, would you? :) To the people out there who intended to take courses related to English major, goodluck. To stay in BENL, is to live in pain.*exaggerate much?* (it depends) ngee. Dear friends, struggle along the way, not the end of the journey :) Just be strong.

Aina Nadiah

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sleepy -.-

Salam and hi everyone :) feel so sleepy right now. tapi sajalah nak melari-larikan jari-jemari di atas keyboard ini >.< turning 21, I think a lot about future :) it is true what people say, BE CAREFUL for what you said and wished for. because most of the time, it comes true. lambat atau cepat je -.- just gotta believe. I believe all of you have a lot of dreams and hopes. and you'll hope that everything will become reality. lets put it this way. just wish what you want and place them in your heart. write if you want :) dont you ever forget it. this life is just a lot of miracle.

ohh yea, siang tadi saya spent time dgn teman-teman baik saya. owh rindu ^_^ 2-3 hours just not enough. nak cerita mcm2 lagi >.< grrrrr. eh, panjang jugak la saya tulis.. ok, bye. goodnight~

The people of Jannah

Assalamualaikum. How do you do people? as for me, I feel like this semester break is too long. TOO LONG! haih. owh lets no talk about my dull and boring days. hahahaha.

Jannah/Paradise? it should be a dream of every Muslim to be in. be one of the aim and goal. because our life in the Hereafter last forever. after watching this video, I find out that TAQWA is very very important. May Allah grant us to improve ourselves day by day.

Surah Ali Imran : 133-136

(: May Allah bless.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


It has been awhile since the last time I always spent my time listening to this kind of lecture. So here it goes :) After a long time, I haven't attend/listen to any talks due to time constrain .___.

Surah Al-Baqarah:186.

Lets make effort to become closer to Allah.
Have faith and lets strengthen our heart.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Two zero one three

Salam. Hi readers.

Do I still have one? Hellooooo. It's already 2013. My first post in this year. I dunno whether I am going to write it here again or just left this blog. HAHA. Once ago, I'm thinking of to delete this blog, BUT there's no way for me to delete it, because I'm going to write again. (walaupun teramatlah jarang) -.- Few months ago, I left this blog, keep it in private :p

2013 :) I hope this year will give me more happiness, excellence and blessing from Him :) I'm turning 21 and alhamdulillah, still breathing. Insya'allah will write more soon.