Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mummy and daughter

hello guys.
urmm,there is no glimmering stars tonight :'(

mcm yg semua sdg bercuti.heeeee:)but i think so far im not benefited my cuti well.
always merapu-ing.haha:) relax.x smpi seminggu usual,dh cuti ni.kne la jd maid tanpa gaji kt rumah ni.i dont mind.


like all of sudden, today i received one message from my mum.

"jom teman mama pegi jalan tar,sogo.kte jalan2 area KL.mama nk cari tdg" i replied.:)

"ok mama.nadia tggu kt KL truz la.malas nk pi cyber"

owh,and this guy has made me realize +___+


sgt seronok even sekejap aje spent time together.
dye suro pilih2 tdg.apalagi,aina pon.itu cantik,ini lawa.hehe:)
so kawan2 ajak lah ibu bapa anda keluar bersama-sama.
sometimes,its FUN though~


well izan idayu text me asking abt this friday.


Do you know how much


i miss you.hope to meet all of you.

SESERIAN, lets meet up!


ahha,kne pegi camping this saturday.

~semakin bahagia.pergilah duka

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

inspired me~

hye peeps.
cheers for the visit.

today, again i watched disney movie GO FIGURE!
although i have watched it for 3-4 times,still nk tgk lg.
like it sgt sgt.yeay:)

Hee =p this story really inspired me to work hard to achieve what we want in life.
as saying goes,
what the mind believe,the body will achieve. (^_^)

Katelin Kingsford, dream of being a champion but she does not have enough money to train with this famous coach, Natasha Goberman who is associated with a private boarding school, but she has the opportunity to get a hockey scholarship so she can figure skate. She accepts the scholarship and learns to play hockey. She changes in the process. She learns about teamwork and making friends by playing hockey. she is very lucky to have a very supportive family. Eventually, her dream comes true.


Jordan Hinson..(her real name)

she is flawless.

FYI, my favvy song in this movie
of course, Go Figure by EVERLIFE.
and I Can Do Anything - Caleigh Peters.


Whoa, whoa

Just when you learned the game of life
All the rules seen arent right
Whoa, whoa go figure

It seems so wrong to even try
But taking a chance never felt so right
Whoa, whoa go figure

You have a dream
You wanna be
The center of the story
Just when you think its going
You find a way to keep it going on

Sometimes you fall before you fly
Sometimes you laugh when you should cry
Go figure
When things got messed up
You wanted to give up
Nothing seemed right but turned out fine
Go figure, go figure
Whoa, whoa

It's so dangerous to play it safe
You get what you want by giving it away
Whoa, whoa go figure
Go figure

Your trying so hard to be someone else
When all you needed to be was yourself
Whoa, whoa go figure
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Not everything you've wanted seems
It's never just one meaning
When life starts making sense
The world is upside down again

Sometimes you fall before you fly
Sometimes you laugh when you should cry
Go figure, go figure
When things got messed up
You wanted to give up
Nothing seemed right but turned out fine
Go figure, go figure

Whoa, whoa, go figure
Whoa, whoa

Did you really think your destiny was a one way street
You gotta be ready for anything
Just set your whole life free, yeah

Sometimes you fall before you fly
Sometimes you laugh when you should cry
Go figure, go figure
When things got messed up
You wanted to give up
Nothing seemed right but turned out fine
Go figure, go figure

Sometimes you fall before you fly
Sometimes you laugh when you should cry
Go figure
When things got messed up
You wanted to give up
Nothing seemed right but turned out fine yeah, yeah
Go figure, go figure

Whoa, whoa go figure
Whoa, whoa go figure

so aina.lets move on!biarkan dia dgn hidup must go on~ hell yeah!im trying to not open ur profile.see ur picture.or whatever laaa.seems like you also have change a lot.and yes, people change i admit and betul kan nafis? manusia =.= cpt sgt berubah. true it happens all the time. but those people are what they make me strong in my life. nafis,thnx for everything tau :) oke, so many things to do this holiday.ttyl ;') take care, readers!wassalam.God bless.


Monday, September 27, 2010

a part of me♥♥♥

 kids and babies.

Comel :1

Ammir Rahman bin Imran

my cousin child.sgt sgt comel.awww.5 star.*clapclap*
mcm anak mat saleh.rambut pon blonde~
i love you

Comel : 2

Nur Alya Zara bt. Nazrul Izwan

Comel : 3

the left : Nurul Ainin Sofea

Comel : 4

Muhammad Haikal bin Shahrul Niza

♥♥♥  baby.

Comel : 5


Comel : 6

Nurin Azyati

i love her damn much!♥♥♥

to me,

 children and babies

 are Allah's most beautiful creation!

mood:thinking something new to do~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

my love for you last forever ♥♥

 Nur Huda Munirah bt. Mohd Zafrullah

salam.kak ainaaaa...
huda tk confident lgsg trial nnt ;'(
+math dgn phy susaaaah..

wslm.huda,relax keyhh.
juz do ur best.akk dh rse mcm mne yg awk rse.
dh merase fail +math mse zaman F4.
buat lat. byk2.insya'allah ok :)

umm,huda try.
thankss akk.
rindu nk borak2 dgn k.aina.
gudluck tau study kt sana :-)

btw akk start cuti 2/10.

oh ye ke?hehe
huda pulak hbs trial 7 oct.
nnt kita contact2.bole jmp ;-)

meh sini nk tiup semangat sblm SPM!
haha =.=
take care.
study smart.

HUDA♥ my junior back then in seseri. she was a very good junior!but left seseri after few months being there.why why?x thn yehh.x lahh kn.i know u got concrete reason to leave seseri.hee:) she is same like tasha.ala,my jr kt smakl tuhh. ermm, at first i wasn't really close wif her.after sports day i rse, we being so plus, same dormm.hee =) she always find me to spill out everything.masalah.x suka itu.x suka ini.mcm2 lg lahh.hurmm.i miss you,HUDA^_^

no doubt,totally in love with PINK!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

its FUN♥♥♥

i arrived nilai at 11 am yesterday.there were only some people in the dorm.hurmm,boring lahh.what am i goin to do? mira and nadia doesn't reached yet!unpacking all my things.took out the kuih raya that i made it by myself.apalagi,makanlahh~im lovin' it(^0^)went to the convinience shop 2 to 3 times due to boredem.wakakaka ;')

this is the fun time,babe~while i was studying last night, nadia came to me.sit near to me brought a tube of what lahh in her hand.i dunno at first.she showed to us the thing she hold.ngee:)inai yg boleh lukis2 tuhh! hee :D as all of us wanna kill our boredem, she made a graffiti on our hand. this is my first time i made all this thingy.haha>.<

here we go +___+

the pencil case is given by azue.
thnx yeahh!(in love with pink)

with my earphone.(songs of my heart)

started to do all the merapu-ing things.

"enna tamau kt jari2 sumaa.nk kt atas2 tu je"

"hailaaa,sat sat.nk cari idea"


within a minute,she started T___T

i just cannot stop myself from laughing while nadia did it for me.
*kena marah*

" dok diam2.jgn gerak2."
"dah la hat buat ni pon x professional"

(in her utara style)


how was it ppl?

TRY lahh, its fun!

the study mood has switch on.
bye ^-^



Saturday, September 18, 2010

off to campus .___.

hello people.
enough abt raya :) whoot.whoot.

more raya pics:


balik nilai.kne pk psl exam shj.
wish me luck ppl.

saya nak


pray for me and i'll do the same.
may ALLAH bless you always.

Gudluck to all my UIA fellas.


UiTM peeps (Aliff Syazwan.jwb elok2) hehe:)

Adios Amigos~


Eid Mubarak ♥♥♥

assalamualaikum.lupakan entry lepas.emosi pon dh stabil.but really my mind was messed up.DAMN.thnx guys yg bg support.aku still layan korg kn.sbb aku syg kwn2 aku.ok dont worry.aku dh OKAY:)

i had a very great tyme.RAYA was FUN!




thnx a lot guys dtg rumah aina hari tu :)

Aliff Syazwan
Zharif Atiq

p/s:fawzan,lama gila2 kot x jmp kn.hehe:)

tok wan bg duet raya.yeay ;')

and lastly,

with them.

Syamil Sofiah

I love you all FOREVER(^0^)

They always there when i need them.

maher.all the best.may Allah bless you dear :)

sorry :'( x dpt hantar g airport~


see you soon.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

safely arrived at KL
after a veryy veryy longggg journey
i really have a great raya
yeay :)

frens,beraya jom!whoot2#

Friday, September 10, 2010


Happy Eid, everyone!

p/s; semoga aku dpt berjumpa dgn ramadhan thn dpn~

ANM ;p

Thursday, September 9, 2010

after a longggg journey,
i arrived penang safely!


p/s: tgh buat ketupat nie.bye~


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

menjelang hari raya

mama: ok,esok buat kuih raya.

anak: orite!

hoho.biasa lahh raya MOOD!
jadi aina dan ainul bertumgkus lumus buat kuih.punya semangat.x tdo lepas sahur.lps subuh truz start.hehe:)



Cornflakes of course

here we go!

Cornflakes madu.senang aje buat dye.
sape nk enna ajar?come on,babe~

ready utk dibakar

yg best jugakk sebab

MAMA's kitchen is NEW.
hehe.nk raya la katakan.
stove je yg baru ok!




LOCATION: Jusco Alpha Angle & Metroprima
for the first phase

owh malas nk pegi sogo and area2 around there.bcoz i know.sgt2 ramai org.lg pon dh slalu sgt pegi,and a day before i met one of my friend kt sana.hee;)omg,crowded gile2.pening kepala.bole pengsan kot!(@_@)just went there with my dear sis ainul.hee:) i drove my mum's car.hee;) best lahh.dh lama x driving.not that bad jusco tuhh.ade la romp,padini,seed etc.etc boutique.i bought jeans,dress,shirts.same goes to,she bought wedges too there!we shopped quite a lot of things.hee ;p like like:)



Location: SOGO +++
(pegi jugakk)haha:)

sbb nk cari tudung and usual,kl sgt2 ramai org!

pictures tell everything, kn?:)

almost everything dh beli.hurmm,da boleh raya.
yeay :)
eh eh,nk cari some accesories laa kalau sempat.
ade lg tuhh.haha.
last phase bila ehh??
esok,lusa?ntah ;p
sape nk join=.=come,come~


so last friday,the hari raya break began!yeahhh~as usual,balik KL seniri.board KTM to bank negara.omg,dlm ktm mcm ikan, i met one school girl wore her outing attire.she is from samura.teringat zaman2 skola dulu~as both of us from sbp school,the stories were just the same.yeay :) clap clap :P have a longgggg chat with her until i arrive!hee,thnx babe.gudluck 4 ur spm!

arrive around 430 pm.perform my asar prayer. then, i just waited for them at the food court!x larat dh nk jalan2.met azreen and maher at sogo.buka puasa together.since maher will fly to egypt 18/9. sobsob :'(

i just opened my lappy.played some games.watched some movie.hee:)movie lame2 je pon.mcm ketinggalan.


buka puasa.haha.laen dr yg lain bcoz dh jemu dgn sume mknn!

ice lemon tea.



eein,the superman!hee:)


meet my BEST FRIENDS ;)


we being so closed since end of 2004.mcm mna eh?hee;) jodoh,rumah kami dkt aje.i like the way she talk,laugh and whateva laaa.she dont like kinda thingy yg mengada-ngada.haha:)suka bg like nasihat di sebalik kata2.i love it!dia ada bila saya perlukan.i just called her and she always ready.slalu breakfast sama2 kn.mkn roti canai kt kedai tuhh.bwk kamu jln2.mentang2 da bole drive.thnx babe~luvluv♥♥♥


and this lady i knew her since darjah 2.cube kira dh brape lame kami kawan?hee:) she is a small girl with a  BIG heart.♥she is a great debater.rindu la mse skola rendah.sama2 masuk pertandingan.i still simpan gmba kita duduk sama2 dlm bas tuhh!will be missing u to jordan.18/9.medic~doctor-to-be,goodluck!take care yeahh!i'll pray for u,babe~hugs and kisses from me to you.♥♥♥


Waktu terasa semakin berlalu
Tinggalkan cerita tentang kita
Akan tiada lagi kini tawamu
Tuk hapuskan semua sepi di hati

Ada cerita tentang aku dan dia
Dan kita bersama saat dulu kala
Ada cerita tentang masa yang indah
Saat kita berduka saat kita tertawa

Teringat di saat kita tertawa bersama
Ceritakan semua tentang kita

Ada cerita tentang aku dan dia
Dan kita bersama saat dulu kala
Ada cerita tentang masa yang indah
Saat kita berduka saat kita tertawa

they are superb (^_^)


xoxo: ENNA
fall in love with PINK!