Monday, August 31, 2009

seseri oh seseri

lagi beberape jam saje lg aku akan tinggalkn rumah home sweet home.guess what???aku rindu seseri.he3.aku rindu korg VALIANT.hanya yang terhebat!so long,farewell.its da tyme to say good bye to home,laptop n internet.we dont have much tyme to chatting internetting or blogging at school.during this 10 days holz,byk mnde dh aku buat.yg berfaedah yg merapu sumenye ade la walaupon x konsisten la,byk dugaan kt rumah,having great tyme with ainul n aniss.making new syahin,nice knowing u.thnx membuatkn cuti aku x bosan.n other frenz too.membuatkn cuti aku lebih bermakne.n to all spm candidates(aku pon la) yg akan amik trial kl nihh.gudluck.hey,wish me too.doakn aku.huh,blk skola ni dpt result sbp ari tuhh.seram seyhh.damn takot nk trial lg.huhuhu.valiant,kte boleh kn???haiya,of course we can do it!jmp korg kt skola blk raye nnt.daaaaaaaa.


i never really knew
what a true frienship was
until you came along
you bring joy to my life
you add brightness to me
but most of all
you make me feel complete
we tell each other everything
sure we argue
but it brings us closer
not even one mile
can keep us apart
you are always in my heart
and im always in yours
you are the best friend
i have ever had
we really click together
no matter how far apart we are
our friendship remain strong
that is how we know
this friendship is truly special
more than words...

those were the day...

Friday, August 28, 2009


night is still young.happy.good.exciting.after having my sahur(mama buat meehoon), i neva sleep after that.i went to see all da one by one, finally i decided to study agama.then bkk kitab sejarah.oooo,pening pale sume bnde yg kene byk membace,kene ingat,n hafal.could i finished it,memorise all da facts?i know i can.eventually,"nadia,jom kuwa!".orite.i statered choosing my outfit n i wore simple(jeans and shirt).but a little bit different at my tudung.jeng..jeng..jeng..haha.we went to sogo n area2 sekitarnye laaa.its really bz n crowded bcoz mlm ni ade pasar malam jalan TAR n all da people pon nk shopping jgk.kate mama,"biase la dh gaji".hohoho.mcm2 ragam manusia aku jmp.aniss bought a lot of things compared to,my uncle came n berbuke kt sini.mmg best.nice chatting with my cuzen.dh la jarang jmp.ermm, today i also having a nice chatting n smsing with my 2 frenz.thnx 4 being in my life.they colours my life.

beberape gmba yg sempat aku rakamkn hari nie :


things that i bought

on da way nk blk dh...

after all,i was very happy.thnx ALLAH!


ah,sakitnye.aku pon tatau nape ngn aku hr nie.not feeling well.duduk,x kene.berdiri x kene.jalan x kene.baring lg la x kene.nk buat ape???study?my brain is stuck rite,i just stay front da laptop,open da music.louder.jeng''3x...tetibe rajin,i took a broom n sweep all da floor upstairs.huhuhu.then,my phone ringing.anes is calling schoolmate mse zaman kanak2 dlu.about 5 years kami x,mmg x sangke.then she said she'll move to kl back after spm.hoho.bestnyer,she really want to meet me...ermm,my dearest sister will come back today...there must be plan n exciting thing we'll do 4 this weekend.but not all da sibs in da house.x complete.nothing 2 say anymore.aha,thnx mior ajar aina addmath hard.aims high.

ni la kakak aku,aniss

Thursday, August 27, 2009


my solumate^^ainul husna

people named AINUL born on 14th January 1989
are jovial,loyal,open-minded and happy-go-lucky!
although at times she is irritating,she is always loved by everyone everywhere.
her favourite colour is green and blue.but at times she can be addicted to PINK.
but she always ready to take different colour
if her sister just happen to suddenly want BLUE.
ainul husna who was born on this day is
always ready to give help to her sisiter which has lazy problem.

.aina & ainul.we always had a great time togehther.miss u sooo much!

hari yang membosankan

ni la jd nye bile dh bosan!

hye sume...hari nie mmg bosan.ape yg aku buat.dr lps subuh smpi la kol 11 aku mengadap kitab SEJARAH.then,rest.went downstairs,i saw adeq was not there.haha.its da tyme 4 me to conquer da tv.huh,sume pon xbesh.lastly,layan je la sehati berdansa.after performing zohor prayer,i continue my is PHYSICS tyme.hah,,tired''3x.i stop at 4 p.m.then,on9.isi borg matrix.ermm,kt portal KPM tuhh spm lg 52 hari...hah,bkn lg 82 keww???ntah lerr.i must be well-prepared 4 da was raining cat and dog,just stay in da house.lps tu,bkk puasa.alhamdulillah,dh 5 hari kte puasa.lg 25 hari raya.erk..lg 4 hari jeww nk blk seseri dh...miss u all guyz...

some photos to be shared...


my bed during diz holidayz...x tdo sini pown...he3...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


salam buat semua...diz is my first post...well,mmg aku ade kte lps spm la br blogging tp hr nie terlalu membosankan smpi terciptalah BLOG nihh...
L.I.F.E. I.S. C.O.M.P.L.I.C.A.T.E.D
...betulkn???setuju x???
at least kte boleh share pape kt sini...