Monday, October 31, 2011

Tagged by Asya :)

I have been tagged by my sugar : ASYA :)) weepoodeedoo.
Check it out :) her blog :D

Firstly, enna nak mintak maaf sebab enna takkan ikut RULES yang sebenarnya :( just answering your question :) and enna tak akan tagged siapa2. -.- lagi pun tak pandai nak buat2 soalan >.< hehe. and my readers mcm tak akan buat je ;p so, forgive me okay. kan enna janji nak belanja teh ais. Happy kan? :)) GOOD GIRL~ clap*clap*

Here is the rules actually :

1) must post this rules*
2) post 11 things about themselve in their post*
3) answer the question that those tagger set for you*
4) have to choose 11 people to tagged them in their post
5) don't forget to go their page and tell them
6) no tag back!
7) no stuff in the tagging section that "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU
LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a Really trust with all honesty) have tagged 11 people

*the one with * symbol is the only yang enna buat :)

11 facts about me :)

  • I am a girl with awesome features :P so, amaze me. hee~
  • I like my name. Aina Nadiah binti Mashor. it started with an A :)
  • A little bit cerewet >.< trait that I inherited from my mum ;p haha
  • I started to wear hijab when I am 12. (at school only)
  • I love mathematics and English. but right now, I miss to write a Bahasa Malaysia essay panjang2 sampai 6 muka surat.
  • I can be captivated by charm. aww.
  • I hate panadol.
  • Kadang2 saya degil dan keras hati.
  • I am not creative -.- origami and all those thing mmg bukan jiwa aina.
  • Sometimes I love someone that rarely come to my life, but they bring happiness to me.
  • I have a dream to help all those unfortunate kids.

Aisyah :) this will be the answers for your questions :)

  1. Apa perasaan anda bila saya tag anda pada entri ini ?
    Enna happy, at least i did something for you. and kau buat aku lagi rindu kat kau. haiiisssshh

  2. Siapa saya pada anda ?
    Of course my BFF :) kan? angguk cepat! my sugar. kita kenal dari darjah 1 kot :)

  3. Anda suka warna apa dan kenapa ?
    Enna suka purple. sebab cantik dan sesuai for girls and boys. and enna suka warna pastel jugak :D

  4. Ciri2 pasangan idaman ? hahaha :D
    Owh soalan membunuh >.<
    Beriman comes first :P ada ilmu agama, semualah :) educated. and have all the good qualities lah.hey, bocorlah rahsia if enna bg tau semua kat sini :P hehe.

  5. Teringin nak pergi mana dan dengan siapa ?
    Nothing specific. Kawan2 dah rasa. 
    dgn husband mungkin lebih seronok :) hee~

  6. Saya nak sangat sangat ..... (sila sambung & saya refers to anda)
    Saya nak sangat cepat2 sambung belajar :D
    (what i feel right now)

  7. Your first perception/opinion about me ;) TELL ME :)
    A lady yang comel, nampak keras tapi lembut sebenarnya :)

  8. apa yang anda rindu sangat-sangat ?
    My childhood days. and all my awesome friends yang tak lekang dari ingatan.I mean mereka2 ni ada value yg sgt tinggi and ada tempat dlm hati saya :)

  9. Cita-cita ?
    As for now, I am not aiming for any specific job.

  10. What is the meaning of love in your opinion ?
    Love > ofcos asya nak tau towards people punya love kan :P
    Cinta :) for me lah, it started of dengan rasa suka then sayang lalu cinta :)
    penyatuan dua hati yang sanggup mengharungi segalanya bersama-sama.
    Cinta itu subjektif la aisyah :) panjang sgt if nak suruh buat essay pun boleh.
    you can refer to this :)

  11. Did you love me ? ;) HAHAHA
    You dont have to ask me.
    I LOVE YOU. 

    Dearest Aisyah, I AM DONE :) yes, happy.

Say HELLO again :)

Assalamualaikum and Cheers :)
♥♥♥ Hello people~

Last friday, I spent my time with my pretty girls, Amy and Iz. We were so excited to meet each other back. We always plan to go out together but at last tak jadi. so last week, we managed to hangout together :) yeay! I drove Iz's car to One Utama since Amy wanted to shop something there. and of course we captured a lot of photos since amy brought her baby DSLR :) hehe. Cekidaout yaww ~

This is us. Recently, Amy is so feminine. and Iz, the one with purple tudung :)
Aina juga yang tak berubah :D hehe.(makin tembam kot).lalalala

Amy and me :) Ke mana pun aina pegi, at last mesti jumpa aimi balik.
see ya> SRI DELIMA. SMAKL. then i left you for SESERI. 
after school,we got the same offer.
KOLEJ MATRIKULASI MELAKA. aina tak pergi. amy pergi for 3 weeks.
Aina masuk UIA~ then, Amy got an offer to UIA :) 

Amy and Iz :) they grow up together since theyare staying in the same neighbourhood area :)
Penat jalan2, stop dekat Baskin Robin :D

Mak Amy penah ckp, "pegi blaja mna2 pun, Aina msty jmp aimi last2"
hehe. takdir kami kot :D i missed spending time with you at your house.
Waiting until evening/ night for my parents to fetch me up.

The new Aimi Nadhirah :)
TAKEN okay!

At this shop, aina and iz :) we bought the same type of watch :P
masa ni amy and iz dah beli long skirt :) and me, new shawl :D

For the first time, Aina tawaf satu One Utama.
Amy bawak masuk kedai, kedai tu. hehe.

Izdyhar :) i dont really close to her. but since habis sekolah, kami jadi rapat :)
and yeah, nice to meet you again :P

Iz mmg mcm mamarazzi la hari tu :P
She loves Amy's camera.

Thanks for the day Amy and Iz :) I really had fun with you both.


Until we Meet again :)

xoxo, Aina Nadiah~


Good morning everyone. Actually I wanted to post about him earlier, but everyone including me :) was so busy with everything. home, hospital, etc. etc. and yes, some frens had congratulated me because officially dah jadi mak cik :) hehe. seronok ada baby dekat rumah :D so awesome aunty ni la yg jadi babysitter :P pheewww.

He was born on 28/10/2011 :)
2.35 kg. mmg kecik, halus and comeyy sgt :)
still unnamed.(wujud ke istilah ni?) lol.

To the outside world, we grow up together and up until one point, in certain time, you have to let them go. if they are girls, someday they will get married and follow their husband to wherever he takes her. Kak Anith, I am so happy and all the family were so happy to receive new family member to this world. Handle with care.

Along, no more beli breakfast with you.  masak with you. pergi pasar with you. jadi your driver bawak pergi mana2. jalan2 dekat pasar malam. pergi petronas. and semualah!

xoxo, Aina Nadiah~

Friday, October 28, 2011

Double joy

I would like to share my happiness with all of you.

1. Saya dah tau result. insya'allah, next jaunary >> GOMBAK :)
2. Kakak saya dah selamat bersalin. baby boy.

Malas nak post panjang2. later, people ;p

p/s: had fun with Aimi and Izdyhar :D thank you buddies!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Favourite TV show :)

At the moment all CFSIIUM students are trying their best to log in the portal. to check their results and so on so forth. not excluded me ;p and yet i've give up. later, I will try again :P plus minus, it has been more than 3 weeks i am on holiday :) to me it is sufficient for you to do anything. rest? sleep? enough!

However, with the presence of television :) my life is just so colourful like rainbow :D Since the cooking program has started, I watch it everyday. Definitely, MasterChef Malaysia :P They are talented and I adore their mentor sometimes. They can cook many dishes and just so you know, we dunno the taste. As usual, when we go to hotel or any 5 stars restaurant, the decoration really caught our beautiful eyes to taste it. If I were them, I cant do  like that, I said to my mum. it is like a pressure when the chef lalu depan pusing belakang when you want to do your They come from various background and jobs but they still want to be a celebrity chef :) because they really love and have passion in cooking :P

Besides, I watched The Biggest Loser :D In this programme, I can see they are really determined to lose their weight. and finally they did it. but for us yang nak lose weight, we dont have to do like them. you can practice to jog, take less sugar and many other ways. but dont you ever try to take any slimming pills.!

xoxo,Aina Nadiah.

Birthday and Kenduri :)

It was yesterday actually. haha. late post ^_^ lol, but who cares? Happy Birthday Firdaus :) pejam celik, pejam celik, adik dah besar. Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends. Its quite late i know. its better late than never kan :P since aina nak cerita pasal semalam :PP we just had a small celebration for adik at Pizza Hut, OU. I been there a year ago. lol. besar sangat2. tak larat jalan. hahahaha. a lot of people in the shopping mall with their own business. hehs, tak kesah pun -.-

Abg ngah said the chocolate cake from Berry's taste the same like my homemade cake :D
yeay, sama taraf la maknanya kan >.<

Actually bfo we went to One Utama, we went to kenduri kawen anak kawan abah, haha. nak jugak sebut panjang2. hehe. the wedding was held at one of the hall at Bandar Menjalara. yes, I passed by my old school. missing everything there. the food was good and we had a good time at the kenduri ;p luckily we met Nabil Raja Lawak with his wife. and yeah, tak lepaskan peluang, snaaaaap laaa kan :))

Enjoy the photos above :) introducing the one with pink tudung is my bro fiancee. our would be kakak ipar, mama daughter-in-law :D since my bro had engaged and is getting married soon, so the issues at my house always related to hubungan kekeluargaan, kahwin and macam2 lagi lah -.- but sometimes i really enjoy myself dengar mereka cakap hal itu dan ini :P 

and as for now, I just have to pray for my future, achieve my dreams, then find a good husband. and mama pesan semalam, "if you wanna marry someone who is really good and yg mcm mana nadia nak, you yourself kena jaga diri, improve yourself, buat elok2 in everything."


Monday, October 24, 2011


Setiap hari kubur menyeru manusia sebanyak 5 kali:

1. Aku rumah yang terpencil, maka kamu akan senang dengan selalu membaca Al-Quran.
2. Aku rumah yang gelap, maka terangilah aku dengan selalu solat malam.
3. Aku rumah penuh dengan tanah dan debu, bawalah amal soleh yang menjadi hamparan.
4. Aku rumah ular berbisa, maka bawalah amalan "بسم الله" sebagai penawar.
5. Aku rumah pertanyaan Munkar dan Nakir, maka banyaklah bacaan
"لا إلاه إلا الله محمد رسول الله", supaya kamu dapat jawab soalan mereka.

 Semoga kita semua sentiasa berada dalam rahmat serta redha Ilahi... InsyaAllah... Amiin ya rabal alaminnn....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sun rises and Sun sets, We feel young again :)

F to the R to the I to the E to the N to the D to the S



Assalamualaikum :) Cheers~
Hope everyone in a pink of health :D why pink? mungkin warna yang sihat and favourable ;p

Today, I went to IIUM to meet and visit them. Like finally i got the permission to drive there :) yeay! Thank you mama and abah :D well, as you can see at the above picture, thats Azureen and Amni :) my roomies back then when our foundation year in Nilai ;p We became really close after we know each other and seriously I feel comfortable with them. not to forget all my D39 members/siblings :)

We are GIRLS :)
We just cannot run from gossiping about something/everything.

Thanks Qila :D for joining us :)
Yeah, we went to Taman Layang-layang, Kepong :P
Enjoying ourselves and picnic-ing :)
And they got a chance to taste my homemade cupcakes and eat my macaroni :P

not to forget -.-
Thanks to Hatem Hamdi.

I hope korang berkekalan.
Jaga Azue baik-baik :) kalau tak, siap lah >.<

Lastly, I sent them back >.< ouh, rindu sangat2. until we meet again :D

We sign our cards and letters BFF
You've got a million ways to make me laugh
You're lookin' out for me, you've got my back
So good to have you around

You know the secrets I could never tell
And when I'm quiet you break through my shell
Don't feel the need to do a rebel yell
'Cause you keep my feet on the ground

You're a true friend
You're here till the end
You pull me aside when something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
'Til it's alright again
You're a true friend

You don't get angry when I change the plans
Somehow you're never out of second chances
Won't say "I told you" when I'm wrong again
I'm so lucky that I've found

A true friend
You're here till the end
You pull me aside when something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
'Til it's alright again

True friends will go to the ends of the earth
Till they find the things you need
Friends hang on through the ups and the downs
Cause they've got someone to believe in

A true friend
You're here till the end
You pull me aside when something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
No need to pretend
You're a true friend

You're a true friend
You're here till the end
You pull me aside when something ain't right
Talk with me now and into the night
'Til it's alright again
You're a true friend

You're a true friend
You're a true friend

p/s : I met this one friend, Hidayah Azamin :)
reallly sweet :DD


Aina Nadiah :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pendidikan Seni Visual

Good morning everyone =) Examination always drive us crazy. same goes to my lil bro. I remembered when i was primary school, when it comes to Pendidikan Seni punya exam :

Mama, esok nak buat yang mana? (tunjuk kertas soalan)
Pilih la yang senang, yang pandai buat.
Mama, pilih la. Nadia ikut.

hehe. org tak kreatif mcm ni laaah. haha. so the day bfo the exam, at night mama will prepare everything. buat contoh, bla bla bla. so that esok dekat sekolah, senang la aina buat. so last night, I joined mama. Dia ajar Firdaus buat capan. guna pelepah pisang. how I missed the time when I was 9/ 10? hihi.

Mama cuba buat dulu :)

Ni mama dgn aina yang buat :) org yang nak periksa tu tak cuba2 lagi -.-

tgk tu. main water colour aje dia.

Ini aina buat. mama puji :) kreatif jugak kot =) yeay~

Firdaus dah bosan, buat pun senget2. haha.

Yeah, thats mine jugak :DD

Lastly, mama said : Esok adik buat aje elok2, cantik2 okay. sudah2 pergi tido >.< (Firdaus dah menguap btk kali)

Goodluck, adik!

Aina Nadiah.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rest :)

Hai semua :) rajin betul aina nadiah update blog sekarang ni >.< tengah cuti kan, memang la :P tapi tapi saya tak boleh terlalu gembira sehingga keputusan .____. one thing i realize, i haven't write in my special book(diary) so long. buku tu pun still ada dalam kotak kot. hehe. my holiday? i enjoy my day at home being a maid, driver :) serba boleh la senang cakap. haha. kerja? kawan-kawan ada tanya juga tapi aina rasa rumah ni perlukan aina. cewwaaaah. so, tak payah kerja ;p but at least saya tak de la buang masa sgt. i am going to be a makcik very soon. kakak saya hanya menunggu masa utk deliver her baby. agak excited juga la :) but whatever happen now, i just want to spend my time with all my loves one :) family, friends~

p/s : I'll always pray for you success :)


Aina Nadiah :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Maid Diary #3

Assalamualaikum everyone :)
Okay, hari ini jom sediakan sajian minum petang :D


This is all you need :
-Tepung kastard
-Gula halus
-Susu cair
-Jagung dalam tin
-Air mineral

btw, i just followed everything from mingguan wanita :P hehe.

it is very simple.just mix up everything dalam periuk.kuali pun boleh. letak atas api and kacau sampai likat .___.

inilah rupanya masa mula-mula :) 
kena sentiasa kacau.

bila agak2 dah likat, okay dah siap. just tuang dalam container :D


p/s : mama saya yang eksaited.dia print mcm2 resipi utk dicuba >.<

Good night peeps :D
Aina Nadiah.

When God tests you...

I believe semua manusia di dunia ini pernah diuji dan ujian Allah itu datang dalam pelbagai bentuk dan rupa. All we need to think is to be grateful to Allah S.W.T for all the times. He knows better than you know and he will never test you beyond the limit. He will never give the test on you if you are not capable to handle it. Anyhow, every problem has its solution.

Sometimes, in life we must think about other people rather than ourselves. Suddenly, I'm thinking of. not all the people in this world are lucky as I am. I may not be the luckiest person in this universe but I am still lucky. Just take a look at Somalia for example. The people-they are suffering, hunting food for life and the number of death is increasing day by day. Okay, tak payah pergi jauh-jauh sangat. Kita tengok dekat Malaysia sudah.

I came across to write about this because I always see and meet some people for instant at the supermarket or at the pavement out of the shop selling kerepek and sometimes they come, approaching you whenever you are having your meal at the restaurant or at the food court especially. Sometimes, we would say they are disturbing us. I always felt pity to them as they are trying very very hard to get money to survive. mungkin itu salah satu cara mereka nak cari rezeki but still I felt pity to them. What I do? Sometimes, I just buy what they sell walaupun aina tak la suka sangat.

One more thing, while I was walking at KL, to be exact along Jalan TAR to Jalan Masjid India, they will/must be some kids come to you, ask you to buy the cards they are selling like Ayat Kursi or any Quranic verses. To  me, they are too young to do such things with all the sympathy faces. One thing crossed my mind, are they still have parents or guardians? Instead of that, beggars can also be one of the example.

What we can do? I am not rich to help them as I am just a girl which is still bawah tanggungan ibubapa. I am still supported by my parents to buy anything, I am not working yet still young. Me, myself is still struggling with books to achieve my dreams and hopes. Dear readers, I am not asking you to help them or even give the solution.

It is just that, whenever or wherever I see them, I feel grateful as I have almost everything eventhough I didn't received everything I wanted. But I know Allah always give what I needed. From the other side, we see in a view of people who have and always get everything in their life.Are they really grateful with all the 'nikmat' Allah gives to them? Or it might make them far from Allah? Proud or rude? Take for example, when you succeed in examinations, win in any competitions, or whenever you fall sick, do you remember Allah? I know if we would like to discuss and elaborate about this, it can be too long. Just make it short and simple.

I am not perfect to give tazkirah or what regarding to this, but remembering each other is a MUST. Alhamdulillah, I am lucky that I had a chance to be in this institution as I can mingle with some friends who takes Islamic courses. So I can ask and refer to them dalam hal-hal berkaitan agama atau sesuatu yang tak pasti. Last but not least, this is a free post to remind myself and others as well. Lastly be grateful always, people!

.Aina Nadiah.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Maid Diary #2

Hello Mellow Yellow everyone :)
Finally, i did something interesting today :D


Its quite easy actually. I did it without using mixer and oven.Yeah, kukus sahaja :) simple.
All you need is the ingredients in the picture below ;p

Buttercup.Serbuk koko.Telur.Susu F&N.Gula halus.Tepung kek.
and if you want to know the details and the sukatan and how to make it,ask me :P

This is the cake selepas dikukuskan :)

Actually, the remaining of the cake i just pour it into a small cup. 
like cupcake.

This is the chocolate cake with the topping :)

and i dont know what happen to my cupcake. buruk dan hodoh rupanya >.<
but never mind this is my first try. after this, i'll do it again. Yeay me :D it is the same with that cake, i did pour the topping on it too :D

Yippie :P it may look tak cantik but believe me, it tastes good :) Chef Aina buatkan :P hehe.*PERASAN*  i am so happy sebab dah lama nak sgt baking tapi tak so for those yg tgh bercuti mcm saya :P lets try people. peace out.

Aina Nadiah.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A visit to Semesta

Assalamualaikum :) i went to Sek.Men.Sains Tengku Abdullah, visit my darling cousin.i called her adik :P cepat sungguh masa berlalu.kini adik sudah berada dalam tingkatan 5 :D menanti debaran SPM :) the school reminds me of my old school. BOTH~ first,bcos it is SBP school and second the girls have/wajib to wear tudung which is yang berjahit tgh tu, same like when i was in islamic school. you're so lucky adik to be there since F1 and when you leave the school soon, sumpah rindu sangat. 

Abaikan photos di atas. hanyalah keseronokan budak yang dapat main bubble.
ada siapa2 yang nak bagi tak? hehe.

Well, thats adik with her sister. Kakak suprised her with the birthday present and there's lot of things in the box :) after we finished our lunch, borak-borak and so on, its the time to say goodbye =.= i sent her down to the hostel. sumpah besar sekolah dorg ni. nak turun asrama from canteen, kena merentas mcm2 padang >.< hehe. okay, their hostel bersih + kemas :)

My wish for you :

Adik, seriously i miss the time where i used to receive flyers from you and i replied it back :P dont worry, semua tu masih tersimpan elok. yes, mmg lama dah kita tak jumpa, thats why kak cik amik peluang ni pegi visit adik. jgn tension sgt. study smart. banyak2 doa. buat yang terbaik. kak cik tau adik selalu ckp nak pergi overseas...Nashville la ape kan, tape. semua org doakan adik. jangan risau tu.ada rezeki, insya'allah. bertahan okay, sebulan lebih2 je lagi, struggle then Enjoy la.(with capital). apa-apa pun, best of luck :)

lots of love,
Aina Nadiah