Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Way to go, girl :')

Hello May :D

Since I embarked my MA journey, I already knew it would be a different game! And after few months, I never thought that MA is _______________________ (you can fill it). I started to think why didn't no one tells me earlier that this program would be bla bla bla bla...

I keep on struggling to make a change bits by bits despite falling so hard at the beginning. My first semester was terrible. I constantly sick, had fever flu cough and what not, plus it was jerebu during that time. (memang menambah rasa lah kan >.< ) My friend told me that I have to double the effort. I know I HAVE TO BE DISCIPLINE! Time management is very very important.

I have to be productive the moment I opened my eyes. hehe. I have to plan and work everything according to timeline. Probably, I have to also force myself to meet the lecturer often, go to the library and do my work there. Just tebalkan muka and ask people when I don't understand things. I have to self-motivate (selalunya nak nangis je) to keep going!!! My friend once told me you can cry. Then stop, and start your work. NO MATTER HOW, KERJA MESTI SIAP!!! I couldn't agree more :) Thank you.

Looking back to the days when I was struggling finishing the assignments, juggling between presentations and stuff, I smile widely. HAHA. Now matter how early I have started the work, I tend to change edit here and there till the very last minute. Selagi tak hantar ada saja yang tak kena. Sampai ke akhirnya masih buat kerja. So bad, tapi kadang2 puas juga. When you received a good grade, the feeling is so so good and satisfying, feels like jumping all around. But when it is not, terus rasa down and demotivated. What's wrong what's wrong?????? (Feel like throwing the paper) Hmmmmm.

Hey, how come I came here, writing yadayada ??? Ya Allah, I shall stop now. Pray for me, people :D I am now at the mid of term 2. 2 assignments and 2 presentations are waiting for me. Mwahaha. Tunggu apa lagi Aina, jom jom start :P

Tulisan dari hati,
Aina Nadiah (yang amat merindui Teratak nombor 10 di Kuala Lumpur)