Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wish me luck ~

M: salam.abah,sehat?tga buat ape?
A: wslm.sehat.x buat ape.kt ruang tamu ni.
M: abah,nk ckp dgn daus:)
A: firdaussssssssss....ckp dgn kkk ni.


D: kak cik,nape?
A: hee, adik buat ape?
D: tgk tv je.cuti sekolah boleh tdo lmbt.
A: asyik tgk tv je daus nihh.blaja lahh!haha :) daus,daus, esok kak cik ade quiz.
D: quiz tu ape?
A: alahh,mcm periksa jugakk!kne tulis2 atas kertas.dpt markah.hehe:)
D: quiz ape?
A: quiz arab. nnt daus bg tau mama tau.
D: susah x? dye tnye ape?
A: ermm,mcm daus blaja kt sekolah..."dajajatun"=ayam.cmtu lahh!
D: eehmmm, senang jee! kakcik kakcik,adik ade mainan baru.
A: haishh daus,beli ape lg???
D: beyblade!yg ni lg canggih~
A: beli lg??.kn daus dh ade.huh'
D: hahahahaha.
A: ok lahh adik,doakn kak cik yeaa~kirim slm semuaa.

i really miss my bro.he is 10 years younger than me.so count la.he is just 8.aawwww, ;)

wish me luck people >.<

love by many,hate by plenty,

she :))

Happy Birthday


Sweet 18'

mimi : the most right!

couldnt find the best pic.haha :)

have a blast.

~my best buddy~

p/s: nk jmp mimi sgt2~

lots of love,

fly me :)

hello dear readers!cheers for the visit. :)) how are you? hope all of you in pink of health.forget about the post before okayy ;P hee. where and how i should start?? ehemm, allright it have been 2 weeks i stayed here.wuwuwuuwu! proud of myself.(back then during my school years,asyik nk balik jeeee! heboh sgt.x dpt balik,sometimes smpi nangis2=.=haha)  so it seems like there no chance for me to go back! okayy.  ^_^

secondly, My TO-DO-LIST +++ My TO-EAT-LIST! hee~ i read khaty's blog! nk pegi tgk NATRAH jugakk. sgt berminat laa pasal cerita ni.plus,my roomate nadia told us about the story yesterday +___+ wink3 :) i was like , haishhh kene pegi tgk nihh! okayy,will think about it! then, my deary sis didie has asked me so many times to hangout! kakak, when lahhh kn? lame sgt2 dh x jmp akk jugakk (*_~) vist me herelahh!ekekeke ;pp my list will goes on and on. nk makan secret recipe. choc indulgence pls??? yummy =)

ahaaa,well maybe there's something wrong somewhere in my brain right now which i cant even express.haha :) weirdo! -.-

oh my God,im begging for strength.

dreams come true.
lets jump toghether with me.yeahh :)

please fly me somewhere.

love by many,hate by plenty,


hey there!dunno how to start.all the little little things really ruined my life.messed my mind.but there's only ONE thing really really............aaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.yesterday, i cried so hard because of that thing.i really scared.it freaks me out.what should i do???everybody around me knows about this.

p/s: lets just cry hard and spill!
XOXO.maybe it would be better!

love by many,hate by plenty,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

over the moon ♥♥♥

hello readers :)
okayy,today was a very veryyyy goodddd daayyy for me.
yeay :)) clap.clap. hee. (mari lompat sama2)
thnx to myra for all the information about seremban.

ehmmm, these past fews days,i was so sad.
with all the works, presentation,etc.etc.
plus,im flu.at night,i feel cold.mcm nk demam.
my mind messed up ;(

hurmm,at night.i looked at the sky.
no glimmering stars.or even moon.
at least i could smile when i see all those stars and moon.
so beautiful.

but im lucky!
many ppl sense it and they did asked me.
thnx so much guys.dormmates,classmates, I LOVE YOU ♥♥♥
you are the best thing that
ever happen in my life.


not bad la kn???




will be continue. and photos too!!!!
hee :))

love by many,hate by plenty,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

movie :)


thumbs up :)) hee.u should whatch it guys!
like it.love it.
4 stars.

love by many,hate by plenty,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


when you are fall in love :P
ppfffttttt =.=

1. Falling in love with your bestfriend .
2. Falling in love with someone in love with your bestfriend .
3. Loving someone too much it hurts .

4. Choosing to let go of someone you love so much because it’s the only right thing to do .
5. It takes time to have the one you LOVE, but just a second to lose it forever, LOVE is bliss until it’s gone .
6. Belonging to someone else when the right one comes along .
7. Falling in love with someone who belongs to someone else .
8. Choosing between friendship and a relationship .
9. Pretending to be NOT IN LOVE with someone when you’re actually dying to tell him/her that you are .
10. Admitting to be in love with a friend despite his/her imperfections .
11. Realizing that the more you to try to forget, the more you try to fight the feeling, you just find yourself falling in love even more .
12. Letting go of someone; and then realizing you will never find another one like him/her .
13. After so many years of being together, you find out one day you’re not in love anymore .
14. Trying to hide your feelings from someone only to find out later that he/she loves you back and then you realize your chance has already passed .
15. The HARDEST thing about falling in love is believing it exists after love has failed you time and time again .

love by many,hate by plenty,

sore throat

hello readers.apa khabar?anda semua sehat kahh??? :)
at the moment,im having really bad sore throat.since im back from BTN.and after raya haji.lg teruk! :( uhukk!x larat lahhh.and selsema jugaaa.difficulty in breathing. and at night i feel cold. x psl2 pkai sweater.rse nk demam pulakkk.knp laa???

yes.of course, im here to study.JUST TO STUDY.itu shj.sabar aina.yesterday i was like crying because i cant understand what the ustaz trying to explain to us.ARABIC. :( sedih la cmni.huh!nahu,wazan.haishhh,totally differ from the last sem.mufidah told me just to be patient.do revision.and yes i did last night.hurmm,im thinking of my Linguistics presentation.it might be next week. wink3~semangat :) ade skuad nk bantu. nahhhh,poetry class?bile nk mula.midsem exam is just around the corner.and all of us didnt learn anything!

ALIA FUAD.i was so happy even bertembung dlm kiosk je smlm.and im thinking to spent my time with her since we're not in same roof or department.hurmmm,tu pon payah nk jmp kn.alia,if there is nothing to do this weekends,we'll spent time together yeahh!

thats all.tekak saya masih sakit.dh makan mcm2 ubat.thnx ustaz.sbb faham!wee ;pp

love by many,hate by plenty,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Projek Diet :)

we sang happy birthday song to our dormmate.
then,all of us pon salam2.





my turn :))

aina,pipi dh tembam.muka dh makin bulat>.<

haa...yeke???mmg berat aina dh naek 1 kilo pon.

the rest:
kne diet laa aina....

love by many.hate by plenty,

sijil paling mudah

salam.hello readers.
how are you?
adik...adik...sehat x???
hee:)) (bunyi mcm jahat la pulak)
tadelahh.tadelahh.okayy enough.

SPM.rasenye u all pon tahu kn.hurmmm,i just miss the moment!yeahh 2009~
i remembered all valiant sat everywhere.around 4/5 am to STUDY.phewww!which is good~then had subuh berjemaah.went to DM.having breakfast.we gathered at dataran wacana.baca doa sama2.and i ingat,x kisah la ape2 exam besar like UPSR,PMR and SPM, aina nadiah akan menitiskan air mata.for the first day je okayy.reasons???sbb takot sgt kot!yg lain2,aku sendiri je yg tau.urgghhh,sudahlahh!giliran aku dh lepas:)

to all 2010,spm candidates.all the best and good luck.do your very best in this exam.its your life.eventhough people did say,spm bukan segala-galanya.hurmmm,just think.make your perants proud of you.remember,they are counting on you.

to my juniors,


semoga dapat mengharumkan nama sekolah.seseri lwn SASER.weehuhuuhuu!

jawab exam elok2!lps spm bole la nk tergolek-golek.nk hangout ke.buat la pape pon.

p/s: aina nadiah,sila belajar rajin2.dpt 4 flat.wuwuwuwu,semangat2.

love by many,hate by plenty,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hey :)


"My_Minutes Survey"

i was tagged by shahrul.

Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Starting time : 1414

Name : Aina Nadiah bt. Mashor b. Hassan b. Megat b. Jaafar
Brother(s) : 2
Eye colour : black or (dark brown)
Shoe size : 6 or 7

Hair : wavy kot
Piercings : no
Height : below 155 cm
What are you wearing right now : long sleeve white and khakis pants
Where do you live : kampung batu muda
Favourite number : 143679
Favourite drink : apple,teh ais
Favourite month : APRIL :)
Favourite breakfast : scramble egg, or quaker oat

-Have you ever-

1. Broken a bone : nope.x nk pon!terkehel sikit2 tu ade laa
2. Been in a police car : never!
3. Fallen for a friend : ehemmm ;p 
4. Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : penah laaaa~
5. Swam in the ocean : belom lg =.=
6. Fallen asleep in school : routine =___=
7. Broken someone's heart : maybe ade!dlm keadaan x sedar~
8. Cried when someone died : ofcos
9. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : penah la kot!hehe:)
10. Saved e-mails : delete!
11. Been cheated on : x sure!


1. Your room look like : my room..simple mimple ^^the wall is PURPLE.hoooyeahhh~
2. What is right beside you : right now.my wardrobe
3. What is the last thing you ate : mihun goreng breakfast td!

-Ever Had-

1. Chicken pox : yes.when i was 6 ^_^ 
2. Sore throat : skrg pon tgh sakit~sjk balik BTN!
3. Stitches : -
4. Broken nose : not yet n never!

-Do You-

1. Believe in love at first sight : percaya la jugakk
2. Like picnics? : weehuuu.ofcos.lagi2 ngn frens.


1. Who did you last yell at? : my sista
2. Who was the last person you danced with? : dance?smlm br dance sorg2.haha ;p
3. Who last made you smile? : ermm,x ingat!tp sy suka senyum!

-Final Questions-

1. What are you listening to right now? : taylor swift-fifteen
2. What did you do today? : blogging,facebooking,cooking,(caye x?)
3. Are you the oldest? : nope! 4th child
4. Indoors or outdoors? : both pon best!

-Today did you-

1. Talk to someone you like? : x lahh.bkn hari ni!
2. Kiss anyone? : my sis.nk balik sarawak~
3. Sing? : ade2.hehe:))
4. Talk to an ex? : hah???mna ada!
5. Miss someone ? : ade lahh!
6. Eat? : yup!..bihun goreng shj hingga sat ini.

-Last person who-

1. You talked to on the phone? : my sis
2. Made you cry? : balik cuti ni sy x nanges lg.hee:))GAGAH!(eh,raye haji hari tu adelaa.sikit je) 
3. Went to the movies with? : -
4. You went to the mall with? : both of my sis
5. Who cheered you up? : friends n myself ^^

-Have you-

1. Been to Mexico? : x penah laa~
2. Been to USA? : suatu hari nnt kot!


1. Have a crush on someone? : now?? tade laaa.
2. What books are you reading right now? : mengulang chicken soup shj.lalalala~
3. Best feeling in the world? : I get what I dream...
4. Future kids name? : eh,nnt2 dh ada i ckp.haha :)
5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : nope
6. What's under your bed? : nothing
7. Favourite sport(s) : running,swimming,badminton,basketball,gymnastics,byk lg lahhh.
8. Favourite place : MALAYSIA,i suka KL,Penang,JB
9. Who do you really hate? : sume yg ada sifat2 buruk laaa.
10. Do you have a job? : saya sdg blaja lg lahh!
11. What time is it now? : 1432

p/s : With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people.

Nuuril Amni
Nurul Nadiah
Mira Baihaki
Mimi Shukri
Hidayah Hanafi
Aliah Asarani

and sesiapa sajalahh yg rsa nk buat.

love by many,hate by plenty

Award from Dhiya

x tahu apa nk ckp.
ermm,sy masih lg berpijak di bumi yg nyata.

well, thnx a lot dhiya~

1. brikan nickname tok saye (kne ksik tok 3 org ^^)

dhiya,sy x phm.haha(*_~)

2. ucapan utk pmberi award

buat dhiya aida, jutaan terima kasih yg x terhingga kerana memberi award kpd saya.jasamu dikenang.hehe:) di saat ini,sy rindu nk belajar bahasa melayu.nk guna ayat2 bombastik yg pernah saya gune msa zaman sekolah dlu.sekali lg,terima kasih kpd semua yg menyokong saya!hee:))

3. berikan 6 artis or singer or band group yg korang minat

haishh.sy suka music.layan jeaa.zaaaasssssssss!
4. bagi award nih kpd 10 blogger yg mmpunyai blog yg cntik lagi cun !

hee:)) dan semua lahh. act,saya suka berkunjung ke blog anda di kala kebosanan!hehe :D


love by many,hate by plenty

Khaty :))

1. kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya rasa nak makan :

saya nk McD.sy cerewet bab makan.knp McD???hurmm,juz craving for Fillet O Fish.hehe:)) and MILO.no coke!yg lain2,rse nye baru je mkn!

2. kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya rasa nak pergi :

Holiday.with frens.dh lame sgt2 nk merasa bercuti dgn kawan2~ terjun dlm swimming pool.selam lama2!hee:))lepaskan tension~ wink3 ;pp best kn :)

3.kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya rasa nak tengok movie :

khaty,sy x rse nk tgk ape2 movie.percaya x???since masok uia means bulan may lalu,sy lgsg x jejak mne2 cinema.wakakaka!huh(*_~)but last movie i watched,yesterday!zathura with my adik.hehe:))

4. kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya rasa nak jumpa :

taylor swift :)) hehe ;p knp??? ermm,nk ckp sy suka semua lagu awk! and i like all those dress yg dya pkai.wee~ adorable :)

5. kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya rasa nak beli :

yes.DSLR jugaa!ehemm,even dh ada cam digital!sy lg suka camera drpd handphone!

7.kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya rasa nak cuba

naek SOLERO!space shot yg kt genting tuhh!setiap kali pegi,hanya ini saja yg sy x penah cuba!sgt sgt sgt takot~ ^_^ rse mcm nyawa melayang kot! SAYA AKAN CUBA SUATU HARI NANTI. >.<

8.kalau boleh sekarang jugak saya rasa nak bagitau :  

saya rindu awk.hehe:)) bkn lelaki lahh.jgn pk bukan2.semua2 lahh yg penah muncul dlm hidop sy.tp sgt2 rindu valiant.x tipu!kenangan zamansekolah itu sgt best!nk jmp korg sgt~

haha:)) mse ni aerobik~


khaty,thnx 4 tagging me.hee:)) sorry sgt2.buat lambat!

few facts about her:


DEBATER Brassidium

at first, i thought garang kot muke dye nihh!
and i was wrong.hehe:))

she likes blogging!

khaty,im using BLUE~hehe:p

love by many,hate by plenty

Sunday, November 7, 2010


assalamualaikum :)
cheers for the visit readers :p

06112010.nampak x?itu adalah K.A.M.I.hee:)) destinasi: terminal one,seremban!midvalley,kl!jalan tar,kl!wee~eh eh correction: kami berpecah!bkn pegi sume tmpt pon.enna g mid.azue pi jln tar.and the rest,seremban!geng seremban pi tgk wayang.enna jmp tain di mid.azue went to jln tar with her so-called-sweet buddy,hatem!and and _________(fill in the blanks)

proceed c(: board ktm to midvalley.oh goshhh,terkepit di tgh2 bangla and hindu.hee>.< x suka.x suka.ktm sgt sesak!lol~x dpt duduk lgsg oke?=.= my bad,pergi dan balik!+___+smpi midvalley je,truz cari tain!weehoooo,really miss u girl.

okayy,hari ini spent utk jln2 dan shopping.SAHAJA!sungguh seronok.so,the result : new elle watch,tropicana life shirt,tracksuit,lappy bag,book,and miss whatever button!yeahh.like it~tain kata:aina nadiah,pengahsut paling berkesan!well :DD sampai 2 kali tain withdraw duet.hehe:)) i love you,tain! hurmmm,guys...jom hangout then shopping sama2~ ^0^

ouh,met azureen too at midV.aiseyhhh,balik jalan tar,turun mid layan moviee pulakkk!sory sygg,x join you
:( next tyme yea.btw,credit to you!cantik lahhh<3<3<3.around 6,i arrived at nilai safely!

until we meet again,nur ata'ain safinaz.

best kn nama dya.

selamat malam=.=

p/s: amira nasir,next time kte hangout sesame keyhh!:))
tade rezeki nk jmp ^_^enjoy kt mid esok.enna dh penat berjalan hari ni.

love by many,hate by plenty

Friday, November 5, 2010

cold night~

at the moment,enna dgn nadia tgh lepak kt bawah ni.nadia tgh mkn.enna tade mood!nk mkn maggi je kot.ermm, 3 hari cuti,x balik~bertapa kt nilai.suma org pelik,enna x balik???*rolling eyes*(enna kelip2 mata)weehuuu~biasanya balik^_^ahha,byk bnd nk kne buat.research la,cri maklumat la.

well,sem 2 ni mmg jadual pack!bz.hectic.mmg beza ngn sem 1 dlu.one thing,kne pre-read bfo claz.klo x terpinga-pinga.haha~owh,jatuh cinta ngn lingustic.and i really really enjoy the class.yeay:) mdm adibah: awesome :) thumbs up~

hari ni,pagi2 lg,lepak di dataran nilai.hee:) like it sgt2~best.byk babies,kids.comel ouhh^0^.naek buaian mcm budak2!then, jln2 lg.cari bank,withdraw duet!hee:) lps tu,breakfast!cool yaww~wink3!esok pulak nk dating ngn ata'ain.my old buddy!guys,jom laaa:))

act,ada bnd yg membuatkan enna terfikir-fikir.story laen kali lahh yeaa~
to be continue*_~

love by many,hate by plenty

Deepavali =.=

salam ;P well,dunno what to say.kelu lidah utk berkata-kata.hehe:)buat sahabat2 beragama hindu,HAPPY DEEPAVALI :) saya rindu kalai rohini.hee=.=saya hanya bertapa di nilai weekends 3 hari ini.wee:)sekian.

love by many,hate by plenty