Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Eid :)

Salam lebaran semua. currently, i am in KL. celebrating raya at my home sweet home. :D but anyhow its such a boring raya. takda suasana kampung. ofcos la kan. nasib baik at least, my neighbours did came to my house.yeay. and fortunately, esok i am heading to penang to meet my Tokwan as well as relatives.

today, as usual the whole family went to mosque, perform sembahyang raya.and dgr khutbah. on my way back to home after solat, i saw him driving Myvi or Kelisa i am not sure. i just took a glance. i know him and still recognize his face. (memori lama kembali menyerang). he, the one who i used to admire during my primary school. senior pulak tu. nothing  much changed. masih lagi dgn chinese look. putih! and still good looking. dont get me wrong. i admire him because of the qualities he has not more than that. ini kisah dulu-dulu. ;p

raya>.< surely byk food. just name it. ketupat,rendang,lontong,nasi impit, etc.etc. i think i eat a lot. huh, berat yg turun masa puasa itu hari boleh naik dlm masa sehari aje kot :| ok people, have a great raya. take care :)

Aina Nadiah :)

Monday, August 29, 2011




P/S:tahun ni dah tak boria macam the past years.and a new family member!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don't Worry

Think postive and be patient.

something to be shared.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

sad and afraid :(

at the moment, i am in my room ALONE. wait for the time to breaking fast! ok, so many thing to ramble actually.lets make it short. okay i'm home since yesterday. and i dont know whats wrong with me, i just kept quiet. all the family members were enjoying chitchatting. i sat among them but i dont feel like talking anything. just listened! lol. and i was like bila tercakap something mcm terkurang ajar sikit. haiiisssshh. which was bad rite? hmmm. and time sahur this morning, bfo makan i sat on the sofa. and mama tegur. mcm terkena sebijik laah kan. terkebil-kebil dgn tak makan lagi. and siangnya pulak, i was doing all the house chores. panjat2 tangga la kan hari ni.(almaklumlah tinggi sangat) kemas rumah extra sikit. nak raya la kaaaan. and i hate the feeling when i wanna do something good then kena tegur or marah. hailllaaaah, nak buat baik pun takot kne marah! huh. takpe, maybe ada hikmahnya! and things are getting better this evening. yeay.! ok enough, mmg mama suruh buat cornflakes madu sebanyak mungkin. *yawns*.dear readers, selamat berbuka :)

memang mood raya dah datang!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Awesome people around me :)

Assalamualaikum. cheers for the visit readers.

First of all, i'm home :) yeay. life has been incredibly awesome lately. i mean since the month of Ramadhan. anyways, i've lots of things to share with you people.

Yesterday,i got a chance to meet my besties. Maher,Eein, and Mel.too bad Asya cant join us :( but before that,i've done a mistake which i'll never forget it forever.LOL. pissed off. we met at KLCC and iftar at Secret Recipe. While waiting for the time to break our fast, we just chitchat and talking about our past, good old days. i was so excited to ask and hear the story of maher at Egypt. enjoying our meal :) >performed maghrib. then we were like hunting for ice-cream, which was we wanted to find Baskin Robin and so pathetic actually there's no BR at KLCC. haha;p balik.balik.

our happy faces. we ended up with buying McD ice cream.
meet : Mahirah

i miss them so much. the 3 hours meet up was just not enough to catch up everything >.<
eh, i coincidently met sya :) kami selalu ada jodoh tau. selalu aje terserempak dimana-mana.
and one more, i accidently met my uia-mate, Baie :)

Today was awesome. I went for shopping with ainul :) yeeehhaaaa. bought some stuffs for raya :)) wink3~however, sogo was suck. sumpah. lots of people. everywhere. i know all of them pun nak shopping. including me.(jangan nak merungut) lalalala. as usual, wandered around jalan tar.same! ramai jugak org. mcm nak mampus. but somehow, I am happy bcos i still managed to settle down everything. bought what i want. and the best part, when i reached home, my parcel dah sampai. the thing that i bought from online shop.teehee :DD one more thing, i met qella! my schoolmate masa dekat seseri dulu. apa kau rasa bila org yg kau dh tak jumpa setahun lebih, tiba2 terserempak tgh jalan? mmg enna speechless la kan. aku peluk dia kuat2.

thats all for now i think.anyways, saya belum bercuti utk raya lagi. still got one week more before raya break. and some works need to be submitted.

p/s: Mufidah and the gang nak turun KL. they asked me to join. Mama, kasi lagi tak nak keluar? hehe

Aina Nadiah.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Salam everyone :D
I just got so many things to ramble about. I am going back home tomorrow. Yeay yeay. I miss homecook by mama,my adik.hurrrmmm.because he did called me yesterday. talked about so manyyy things.how and where should i start? i dont know why. i just feel like things are getting worse and worse day by day. my life. study. for the past few days and weeks were very hectic for me. with all those assignments, speeches, quizzes! Ohmaigod~ but aina still rasa bersyukur, the quizzes marks were not bad. i was so tired like everyday pukul 10 je dah boleh tertido.huh! merepek lah aina, sudah.


-Tingkatkan amalan di bulan Ramadhan-

Aina Nadiah.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Muar #2

I just know that Muar is a.k.a Bandar Maharani. :P

Today was awesome :D Thanks a lot especially to Mira and Zek for bringing us wandered around Muar. Zek as a driver and Mira as a tour guide. yeke? mcm musykil pulak. haha! I had so much fun just now. We had a chance to go to Tanjung Emas. We wanna ride a bot but it was suck. if we got a chance, for sure we've tour around Sg Muar~ then, they brought us to Giant. hehe :) and shopping mall. Wetex! if im not mistaken lah. it was no bad since all of us "jahanam". means our money mengalir bagai air jugak laaaah. swear. tired. exhausted. (nak minum air tak boleh.haha.tahan je la). sabar2, tunggu berbuka~ then her dad fetch us.

Again, today, we went to bazaaaaar. different place from yesterday. at Sg Abong :P best gilaaaa with variety of foods and drinks :) huhu. then her dad drove us to Mira's grandpa house. kat Muar jugak~ tapi area kampung ;p it remind me of my kampung at Kedah >.< her mum asked us to pluck the rambutan :) mmg kenangan. since aina tak pernah rasa duduk dalam dusun or balik kg time musim buah -.- pathetic! and they keep on saying, "aina,sampai ke nak amik tuhh??" haaaaiiishhh! shuuuuhhh~

Indeed, i love them with all my heart. i would do everything for friendship. they paint my world every single day especially i am in Nilai and when my day was gloomy -.- being with them never dissapoint me. i can't live without them :D

some random photos of us.
but i dunno why all the photos cant be rotate! huh.
just enjoy it guys.

Nur Amira Zainudin
Nurul Nadiah Nordin
Aina Nadiah Mashor


Aina Nadiah

Its Saturday

so delicious.

High school. i missed everything.

1 carrying heavy back pack with tonnes of homework plus files
2 wake up very early to get bath
3 rushing to do the duties either weekdays or weekend
4 strict rules to be followed
5 stay up for preparing sports day and the house spirit.DENDRO
6 trying hard my very best to solve addmath problem which always puzzle and tense me
7 chased to dewan makan 
8 spent time together, eat sleep cry and laugh with friends
9 accidently fall asleep; assembly.class,lab
10 performing drama Seri Nara.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Muar :D


tgk.ni laaaah muka budak tak sabar nak pi Muar :D

its already 5th August 2011, the fifth day of Ramadhan :P i feel blessed. and right now im onlining in Mira's room. wee :D the two hours journey indeed so worth. we've dream before that one day we MUST arrived Muar.and she make it for us. and we did it. Yeay! but somehow, i felt sorry for Shrek as she supposed to follow us but something happened just before we leave Nilai :( take care my dear :D

Obviously, saya dekat Muar la kaaaaan :P we reached around 430 pm. and i can say Muar is quite good ;p a busy town but not as busy as to be compared with KL :) Zek, mira's fren came and took us to bazaaar. its very good when we ended buying muratabak s'pore :DD lain la sikitkaaaan.haha.

Okay people, nothing much to say. gonna enjoy tomorrow!

me and nadia. look at my previous post.she wanna tells everyone that she IS taller than me.

Aina Nadiah.

Ramadhan :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Its been a long time since my last update. I miss blogging so much people. Fyi, i am so busy lately with all those endless works. >.<

Happy Fasting.
May you have a bless Ramadhan this year :)
(i think its not too late for me to wish to all Muslims)

So people, how was your puasa so far? mine quite good since i celebrated the first Ramadhan in Nilai together with clans. on the first day, we were so excited. wandered around the bazaar. as usual with my girlfriends Amira, Nadia, and Syahira :P and we ended up our jalan2 session with buying Nasi Lemak Ayam and Nasi Tomato and Air Jagung. and it goes the same the second, third, and fourth day. Pathetic! I really miss my family as well actually. 

the picture tells everything.no need further explaination :)

May Allah bless.

Aina Nadiah.