Thursday, May 4, 2017

Keep Holding On...

For All The Students Who Are Struggling Right Now

You deserve all those sleepless nights and that second cup of coffee. You deserve to be having a hard time, to be struggling your way through every single day, because there's no other way to make you realize how much you want your dreams to come true.

There are moments where you question yourself, ask why you didn't just go the easier path. Sometimes you even blame on other people for the hardships that you are encountering, pointing fingers, forgetting that you wouldn't be where you are without them.

Sometimes it gets to a point where you just want to give everything up.

But even with all those challenges, you have to remind yourself that you deserve to be struggling because it reminds you to want it more.

Our greatest fear is if our dream isn't for us. It is hard. But you also have to realize that it is okay to complain from time to time, to cry and breakdown.

You have to remember to be human.

Although it is easier to let your emotion eat you up, always remember that you have to do it; you have to get up and finish that case to understand the law so you can defend those who need it, or to continue to study that last page of your anatomy book so you can correctly diagnose patients and save lives, or maybe, you have to stay up not only for yourself, but for everyone else so that the future will be brighter.

You have to keep in mind that you are where you are not only because of a dream or the desire to change the world, but also because of the struggle of other people to help you reach your goal.

You are not alone in your journey to finishing your degree, so remember to thank everyone else who continuously pushes you to fight and believe.

Remember that you are struggling because you have to, that nothing good comes easy, and as cliche as it may be, remember that the fire that melts butter is the same fire that hardens steel.

Thanks, Caah :D

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quack quack !

I am not a fan of dUCkscarves or even the community of the dUCk. So, I am not one of the dUCk-ies. But it can't be denied that I love the design, colours etc etc of the scarf. It is quite expensive because of the exclusivity. Mungkin saya tak faham mengapa ramai orang yang terlalu menggilainya. Saya, Hasyani dan Athirah kadangkala berborak mengenainya :P Layan juga lah, Love, Vivy yang ditayang di ASTRO tu :') But, one thing for sure, I have been admiring the founder, Vivy Yusof, even before dUCk exists. dUCk is still a scarf, a hijab for covering aurah. I may not really interested to buy the scarf now or I can say, couldn't afford that much to spend for a scarf at the moment, but I am sure if there is an autobiography on FashionValet or Vivy or even Fadza, I will definitely gonna buy it :D HEHE.

Something on dUCk people wrote :P you can click the link to read~


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hey, it's me, Aina Nadiah here, just rambling. It is not usual for me to be at the campus or at the hostel during the weekend while many of my friends have going back to their hometown. Malaysians are having a longer weekend because Monday is a public holiday. HOOOOORRRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! I decided not to go back to Kuala Lumpur because it is just for 3/4 days. I want to have more than a week stay at home. HAHA. See? mengada somemoreee. No lah, I also have some work to finish and maybe maybe I can go to my uncle or aunt in Penang or Kedah soon, if I feel so so bored! meeting my cousins yadayada :D That would be better at the time being~ Okay lah, apa2 pun, doakan lah saya mampu menulis dengan baik :) It maybe stormy now, but it is not going to rain forever. Insha allah.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rindu dan rasa itu....

Kalau ku turutkan rasa hati ini, memang tak fikir apa dah.
Balik terus ke rumah. Tapi kena sabar.
Kalau tak kerja ni tinggal terguling-guling lah.
Kesian dia. Malah, lagi kesian kat aku lah nanti.
Dalam pada selalu motivasi diri, kadang2 memang lemah.
YES. Memang aku lembik -.-
Cuba untuk bertahan.
Aku yakin, ada sesuatu yang Allah nak tunjuk.
Ada sesuatu yang Allah nak bagi.
Mesti ada sebab kan setiap benda yang jadi.
Semua ini pun akan berakhir.
Aku harap kesudahan yang baik-baik saja.

Kena selalu dan sentiasa bersangka baik dgn Allah.

Dari Abu Hurairah ra, ia berkata : 

Rasulullah saw. bersabda : 

Allah swt. berfirman : 

"Aku menurut sangkaan hambaKu kepadaKu, 

dan Aku bersamanya ketika ia mengingatKu"

Aina Nadiah.
Yang teramat rindu kepada kampung halaman.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Kakak from different mother

You sure will have at least one in this world.
They are not related but treat you as their own blood.
I am feeling sad today and texted her.
Telling her that I wanna go home. Missing my parents so very much.
She then told me that do your best.
"Dah duduk jauh-jauh dari rumah, kena usaha sehabis baik"
"Pulun bagi habis"
"Barulah berbaloi"
She said make it this way as it works for her.
"Sebulan je nak pergi kem, lepas tu boleh balik rumah".
"Bunyi dia FUN kan"
I laughed. HAHAHAHAHA.
In that one month, you enjoy, do your work.
Then settle you can go home without feeling guilt.

KAK DIDIE, terima kasih.
You never left me even after I left the school and we never met since then :'(
9 years ago, huh?
One fine day, Insha Allah.

Tahniah dah habis belajar.
Kalau nak sambung PhD, go ahead.
Saya sokong je akak. Yeay!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Here comes March...

Salam. Hello March :')

Sebenarnya tak tahu nak feel apa. Kadang2 sedih dengan diri sendiri. I am not the old me at some point -.- I feel bad >.< Hidup ini memang satu ujian. Tapi kau kena berusaha kan. Usaha yang bersungguh-sungguh, buat yang terbaik untuk setiap keputusan yang kau putuskan. Ya, memang betul kadang-kadang ada sebab kenapa Allah tak bagi walaupun kau sesungguhnya nakkan sesuatu benda tu. Memang kadang2 kecewa, nak marah dan semua lah time ni perasaan negatif dan mazmumah semua nak keluar. Hmmmm, tapi kena selalu percaya, dan sematkan juga dalam hati...yang Tuhan takkan uji Hamba dia dengan sesuatu yang dia tak mampu. So, why we are here? What we are doing? Sebab Allah dah pilih kita untuk berada disini dan kita mampu nak laluinya. Memang kadang2 rasa susah, perit sangat :'(

I have no idea at all why I am here, writing. LOL.
Anyway, hidup ini adalah penerimaan. Apa yang dah berlaku takkan dapat diundur,
dan diubah walaupun kau betul-betul inginkannya -.-

GROWING UP IS ...................

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Sampai suatu masa nanti khabar gembira akan ku temui"
(Quoted my good friend and kakak- Hasyani Bijak)

Kena selalu percaya, esok pasti ada jalan keluar :')

Firman Allah s.w.t. bermaksud:
“Dan kami pasti akan menguji kamu dgn sedikit ketakutan, kelaparan, kekurangan harta, jiwa, dan buah-buahan. Dan sampaikanlah khabar gembira kepada orang-orang yang sabar”
"Iaitu orang-orang yang apabila ditmpa musibah, mereka berkata "inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un" (Sesungguhnya kami milik Allah dan kepadaNya kami kembali)
(-Surah al-baqarah ayat 155-156)

What I endure now by far is the most challenging journey in my life, discovery and discusion, reading, drafts after drafts, mistakes after mistakes. Lots of fear, self-doubt, guilt and at times frustration :'( Hang in there, Aina! Be around with people those who motivate you, and make you want to be better everyday. It will take you far. 
"So, be patient. Indeed, the promise of Allah is true" (30:60)
"And indeed, Allah is always with the patient" (2:153)
Be patient. I hope things will work out eventually. It will be worth it after all. May Allah ease everything and guide me to continue and complete my Master's degree.
(Mohon diberikan kekuatan dan hati yang tabah)
Amin Amin Amin.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Australia...Part 6 - Blue Mountains and Goodbye!

31.08.2015. Happy Independence Day, Malaysia Oh Tanah Air Ku :') lupa nak kibarkan jalur gemilang di Opera House. hehe. Ewah, merasa la sambut merdeka di bumi asing. Siap pergi panjat gunung lagi. Ehhh, jangan menipu. TAK PANJAT okay. Naik train, naik bas, makanya terus sampai. Magic betul, terus ada atas gunung.

We started our journey very very early in the morning. Sebab naik train untuk ke Katoomba lebih kurang 2 jam ++ untuk sampai. Wuhooo. Sampai Katoomba, sila naik bas untuk ke Echo Point tu. Bas 666 freesebab dah ada MY MULTI 3 CARD tuhh :) This is the place where Blue Mountains are located lah. Yang paling famous disana tentunya Three Sisters. Ada al kisah sejarahnya....

The commonly told legend of the Three Sisters is that three sisters (Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and Gunnedoo’) lived in the Jamison Valley as members of the Katoomba tribe. They fell in love with three men from a neighbouring tribe (the Nepean tribe), but marriage was forbidden by tribal law. The brothers were not happy to accept this law and so decided to use force to capture the three sisters. A major tribal battle ensued, and the sisters were turned to stone by an elder to protect them, but he was killed in the fighting and no one else could turn them back. This legend is claimed to be an Indigenous Australian Dreamtime legend.

However, Dr Martin Thomas, in his work “The artificial horizon: imagining the Blue Mountains”, clearly shows that the “aboriginal” legend is a fabrication created by a non-Aboriginal Katoomba local, Mel Ward, presumably to add interest to a local landmark. The story originated in the late 1920s or early 1930s and is unknown prior to that date. The Aboriginal traditional owners, the Gundungurra, have a legend that includes the Sisters rock formation (From Wikipedia).


It was freezing cold up there.!
Berlatarbelakangkan Three Sisters yang disumpah menjadi batu.
macam kisah Si Tanggang kat Malaysia ni. hehe.

Takkan tengok itu je kan, kami meneruskan perjalanan ke Scenic World. Haaa gitu. Kami beli tiket combo yang membolehkan kami naik CableWay, SkyWay, RailWay, dan Walkway (sila jalan sendiri) hahahaha. Harga tiker $35. Boleh naik semua tu ulang-alik empat puluh kali pun kalau larat lah.

Ni lah steepest railway. Best wehh. 
Ala-ala naik roller coaster. siap boleh adjust kecuraman kerusi. Wuhooo.

Kasi chance tuan tanah memenuhi ruang blogpost ini. HAHA!

Kalau korang tengok cerita sehangat asmara mesti tahu 
kat sinilah Kay dengan Zainal dating. LOL.! 
Sibuk-sibuk la jugak kan boleh aku teringat kat sini dorang berlakon. 
Petik lah segambar. Tapi aku tak dating ahh. Sensorang je.

Skyway lantai kaca. Boleh test tahap gayat anda disini.
Kalau takut takyah dok sini. Mwahahaha.
View dari bawah ke atas tu Subhanallah cantik sangat. 
Kawasan hutan, nampak air mengalir, flora yang menghijau, dedaunan, kayu-kayan, dan juga fauna.

Rasanya Katoomba ni pekan kecil je. Kami tak jalan-jalan pun. Sekadar singgah dan terus ke Blue Mountains. 

Train station juga cantik :')

Perjalanan pulang dari Katoomba :') Rest and relax. Penat pun penat.
After this we decided to go to Bondi Beach :D

Ni lah rupa train di Sydney. 2 tingkat, and most of the time kami duduk atas. 
Memang punctual, cukup masa dia akan gerak :) 
Bukan train je, semua public transports kat Sydney ni awesome :') 
Malaysia, please jadi camniiii >.< heee.

Bondi Beach.
Then we went to Chemist Warehouse, shopping perfume lagi.
Hoiiii, sila taubat, esok nak balik dah.

Bye winter :')
Penat sangat sampai rumah pun dah lewat hari ni. 
We need to pack our things lagi.
But before that, sempat lagi singgah coffee shop, 
nak sipping hot chocolate dalam kedinginan malam. hihi.

Pagi-pagi lagi dah terpacak kat airport. TATA!
Hello, Spring! Mesti lebih cantik dan memukau. TAHU!
Tapi kami nak balik dah.

It is somehow sad though to leave Sydney :'(
 I am grateful to be given the chance to travel all the way here. 
Surely, if I will be given a chance, I will come to Sydney again. Or else other parts of Aussie.

Okay, Thank you, NSW. Thank you Australia in general for the memories. 
Sampai ke hari ini, saya masih ingat view dia yang cantik dimana-mana. My jaw dropped (literally)! From sky to ocean, to park to beach to sea, semualah.


Alhamdulillah. Moga Allah beri peluang untuk saya meneroka alam yang luas ini lagi. Teruskan bermimpi, doa yang baik-baik ;') mungkin  tak banyak tips, sekadar perkongsian perjalanan saya disana. Feel free to ask me, if ada lah benda nak tanya :D Smile always!


Aina Nadiah.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia... Part 5 - NSW Capitol City

Hello :') It is Sunday. It is a SunFunDay in NSW. I am not sure about other state in Australia. So, you could see many people are going out with their families. The public transport fare is just $2.5 and you can go to everywhere you want. Doesn't matter near or far :') Cool~ And around Sydney, ada free bus 555 that goes around the city and some attractions. I started my journey today with Amalina Alia. Yayy. Ada kawan and confirm tak sesat. Just tell her where we want to go. Yayy!

Berpagian jalan kaki ke University of New South Wales :')
A very big and beautiful campus.

Lepas UNSW, pergi University of Sydney pulak. Sama, sangat cantik, 
mcm old architecture sikit disini. 

Ini Graffiti Tunnel dekat UniSyd :') Dan Aina Nadiah pun tak ketinggalan
 nak tinggalkan arts yang tak seberapa, lalu dia pun spray juga lah di dinding tu :')

Watsons Bay

Berpicnik under the sun but the weather sangat lah nice :')

Seriously, in Sydney banyak sangat tempat yang boleh diteroka. Google je la ye. Kami pun tak pakai tour guide ke apa. Redah sendiri, and ada kawan saya tu. Semua tempat dekat-dekat boleh jalan kaki. After we went to that universities, jalan-jalan dekat Sydney. The Rocks, pergi street market yang ada along the way, Circular Quay, Watsons Bay, Queen Victoria Building, shopping malls yang ada. (Westfield, etc etc) Antara tempat lain yang boleh pergi lagi Royal Botanic Garden, Madame Tussauds, Sea Aquarium, Museums (kami lalu je) hehe, Manly Beach, Sydney Tower, Taronga Zoo, Featherdale Wildlife Park (kami pergi Symbio), Sydney Olympic Park... In our list that we did in Malaysia, banyak sgt rasanya more than 40 places nak pergi, but of course tak semua dapat pergi, kekangan masa dan sebagainya. But we are more than happy dapat cover banyak juga destinasi pada hari itu. Hee gituuuu.

Kalau datang Sydney, jangan lupa makan kat Pancakes on The Rocks :')

Tempat orang kaya-kaya shopping >.<

We had our dinner that day at one of the Korean restaurants nearby. 
Don't worry, it is halal~

Every part of Sydney is beautiful, amazing, and pretty. Aishhh, puji sangat pulak kan bunyinya. But, memang suka pun, so puji lah. Tips: Nak jalan confirm banyak kan, pakai kasut korang yang terpaling selesa. Jangan jadi macam saya, sampai kena beli flat shoes baru gara-gara sakit kaki, pakai boots kononnya yang ada heels kat dalam. HAHA.

Choiii, tak habis lagi ceritanya. Next one will be the last one, PROMISEEEE!!! hahaha.

Australia... Part 4 - Sydney

Here I am again, just to continue.. HEHE~

And today is our shopping day ;') yeay! If you want to shop cheap but with a quite good quality of souvenir, Paddy's Market, Sydney is the right place to go. It offers you great bargain to choose from. It is not open daily somehow, you have to check first before you go. Macam-macam benda yang dijual. From food to fashion...etc. etc.

You can also go to their fish market. It is super duper clean! 
Lantai tak basah. HAHA. But we didn't buy anything there.

Had fun pyjama party with my girls :') 
Then we slept early because tomorrow will start our day early in the  morning :)

Good Morning :')
Anyway, in Sydney, it is 2-3 hours lebih cepat daripada Malaysia.

 We had our breakfast at Diggies Cafe, near to the beach. 
The weather is getting hotter and sunnier. Dah nak spring kan :')
Breezy, sungguh nyaman sekali!
Banyak la orang bersidai di tepian pantai, merebahkan diri dibawah pancaran matahari. 
And lots of people swimming and surfing too. We didn't join them but just taking photos.
Today, I am going to meet my schoolmate, Amalina Alia in Sydney 
and check in our AirBNB in Hurstville, NSW. 
Kak Thirah drove me to Sydney and the rest of the clan went by train.
 Later we gonna meet and jalan-jalan together in Sydney CBD.
Hello, beautiful city :')  (Sydney Harbour Bridge)
Roaming around Sydney in the evening. 
It is quite late already but never mind. Still got time to explore for the remaining days~

Kami juga tidak melepaskan peluang untuk turut serta bersidai di sekitar perkarangan Sydney Opera House seperti orang lain.  Had our dinner that we bought earlier di situ while watching the sun sets. Sydney Opera House memang famous, kebanggaan Australia ataupun Sydney juga saya kira :')

Macam istana budaya lah kalau di Malaysia ni. On the day I was at the Opera House, 
ada la show. I saw people dress nicely and waiting to enter the hall/theatre. 
I didn't join of course, but dapat lah masuk opera house tu and use their toilet. HAHA.

Ouh yea, I had an experience performing the prayer openly here. 
Since the day I arrived, at the park, the beach...
And today we solat near to the stairs at the opera house :')
 Alhamdulillah, unforgettable experience.

That night, we went to Darling Harbour by ferry. Yuhuuuu, little did we know ada fireworks on weekends :') Rezeki. Enjoy lah juga tengok bunga api di negara orang~

View of the Sydney city at night~

Sydney banyak sangat tempat best and a lot to explore. Seriously~

Tak larat pulak nak tulis dah~ huhu.