Sunday, June 5, 2011

1st GIVEAWAY by shawlforyou

utk join, click here

i've been tagged by Qistina Amer :DD
owh owh dia ni sgt gilaaaa shawl. and pandai bergaya mcm Hana Tajima punya style :PP
wee~biasalahh kawan saya :DD ngee.(takpasalpasal)

actually ni first time aina join like this kind of giveaway.
selalu je tgk kwn2 join, tiba2 rasa nak best nk join yang ini :DD
mungkin sbb ianya shawl?
mungkin jugaaa~ hehe :P

saya adalah seorang peminat shawl,tapi biasa2 saja.
saya tak pernah la pakai mcm hana tajima masa keluar jalan2. hee :P
but still sometimes i adore some of them :D

and for the first time aina view blog shawlforyou tu,
yeah mcm2 shawl yg best!
plus, the price is affordable man!
and i think i loveeee the SATIN SHAWL the most :P
wanna get it soon >.<

so lets join this contest peeps :D

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oke:D have a nice day guys~

Kembali Bekerja Keras~

it is 1.53 am...bak kata muda mudi : the night is still young man! haha~ so im going to have my sweet online time at home before i say goodbye to the internet world! alaaaah, mcm dkt u x boleh online je -.- lol. cuma lambat sket la kan. sila kembali ke dunia nyata, aina! ingat tu >.< so Nilai here i come :D

okay kehidupan yg sibuk bakal bermula kembali. dibebani dgn homework,assignments, presentations dan mcm2 lagi lahh :) okaylah readers, pray for me yea~ I.Allah this will be my last semester for my foundation. amin. May Allah bless~ aina harap tade serabut2 or something yg berat2 dalam kepala selain study.

buku-buku harus menjadi boyfriend saya.


She'll always be my rainbow

Dearest Fatini Wazir,

If u ever read this, so definitely its for you :) I do hope you are in a pink of health. do enjoy your break until september :D during this 3 months time i really hope you can build up back your spirit and strength. i know u can do. dont think about it too much and now is the best time for you to make yourself free and to find solace i guess. let bygones be bygones. i know it hurts and hard. but somehow u still have to look forward and move on. im gonna miss all the time chatting with you, skype-ing, IM-ing, sharing problem, thoughts, opinions and songs~ we love almost the same genre :) and i hope we can meet again soon (^0^) whenever you need me, u can reach me anytime. i'll always be there for you. although distance make us far apart, for sure you are in Kelantan and me in KL, just remember i'll always be by your side. do keep in touch. text me if there's anything :D take care, young girl.ILY.♥♥♥

gambar lama -.-
whenever you feel down, just listen to the songs.
it might help :D

Salam Sayang,

The end of holiday :)

im going to write it in point form. well, here it goes~

1. so, my semester break is coming to its i mentioned to you before. well it is just a 3 weeks holiday. so short.i couldnt do all the things i wish.

2. i spent my time at home most of the time :) as usual, doing the chores. mcm org gaji terhormat la kan~

3. since, there's nothing to do saya sempat la jugak layan TV! mcm2. and saya tgk Imam Muda, cartoons and mcm2 lagi~ hee :))

4. every saturday night i join my family watch AF! maybe some of you might say "alaaah,x best.mcm ape je." x kisah. everyone got their opinion.

5. i went to Kuantan, attend my sister's convocation day~ and back to Kedah for my cousins a chance to me cuzzies and relatives :))

6. met my eein and asya. as far as i remember, we went to Metropolitan and yeahhh to Jln TAR and Sogo.

7. met Aliah and Izwani. went to school to take SPM certificate. met few teachers too. was so happy to step my foot back to the place where i've been before.

8. okay, since this holiday my followers is increasing :) hee. luckily, i know most of them~

9. FB connecting people right? ngee :S through FB i keep in touch with my besties and friends. and the best thing is with my twin sister, Kartini. im going to miss her a lot. she never fails to lend her hand or ears for me. thanks a lot my dear!

10. Skype-ing with my Fatini for about 1h 45m. wee~ we talked so manyy things about ourselves.sharing problems. and i learnt a lot. and i do hope she'll fine and strong. yelahh, mcm mna kan.kami tinggal jauh!

11. hmmm, saya tak sempat nak baking. :(

p/s : tak tahu kenapa tulisan itu colouful sangaaaat!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bonding :D

hey readers. minna genki?  (^0^)

the previous days i had a splendid time with my family. okay, straight to the point ; we went to Wangsa Walk :DD actually it's not complete of us since my dear brother was not around. he was so busy and couldn't join us. we enjoyed ourselves with bowling and played some games at arcade~ (best tau sbb keluar malam >.< ) then headed to Gombak to eat :) i'll share the photos later :P ahha, tak transfer lagi from that sony pink. haha.

today, we went to 2 kenduri :) the first kenduri is at Tmn Rekreasi, Bkt Jalil~ awwwww, its a garden wedding :P and the first time, aina pegi kenduri mcm ni. in fact, the groom is a captain. so mmg protokol laaaaaah kan majlisnyaaaa~ the theme is white and red!

Kapten Atiqurrahman

such a unique and beautiful name he got.
i loikeee~

dua si gedik :D

okay, for the second kenduri is in Keramat. i dont even know who's the bridegroom! haha :P well, the groom pun kapten jugak. -my aunt did said: kita pi kenduri kapten saja hari ni :) - hee~ i just ate cendol since dh full time tu :) then along the way masa balik sampai rumah, we keep talking about guys,relationship,married and bla, bla, bla. and me too im thinking of my future. wee :DD

owh stop rambling aina!
thats all for now.

xoxo : LadyLurve~

no matter how hard the girl is
deep inside she is FRAGILE!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

you are what you think you are

Well, im still enjoying my holiday. hee :D sedarlah aina,awk tu ahad ni dah nak balik campus. my life? my study? yeah, fyi im still a foundation student. i still got one more semester bfo im done. so for those who has graduated, congratulations! enjoy your well-deserved break before entering main campus. Goodluck,buddies!

at the moment when the result has released, i was not in my house. im in Kedah (as you can see in my previous post). so there's no internet connection. i remembered Filzah wrote in her blog about, What if there's no technologies? hurmm, how we gonna live? how can i check my result? plus, some frens were texting me asking about result. haaaaiishhh, im so worried. then malam tu jugak, faralee check kan result aina :P thanks :) alhamdulillah. thats all i can say. my result can be considered biasa2 sahaja -.-

so lets check it out -.- the subjects that i'll learn :P

(: Oral Communication
(: Drama
(: Grammar
(: Computer
(: Intro to Human Science

Go aina, go! Have faith.Allah knows better. insya'allah, it would be my last semester for my foundation as a Ben student.(im taking English)or some people might say it TESL~. i know some of you might say my course is too easy unlike medic or engineering. i dont care what people say anymore but to me this course really challenge my mind. we also need to struggle like others do.

I'll just look forward and never step back -.- i'll strive and survive for success. i'll jump high as i can to achieve my dream :D and yes my fren once said- to those who think English is veryyy easy course, you are soooo wrong man!- try lahhh.baru tau! ^_^ im proud and so lucky that i chose this path,and dont you ever think that we have NO future. well, not everyone can be a doctor or engineer :)

Aina Nadiah