Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012

A day before New Year :)
Assalamualaikum and Hello.

I know everyone's is counting with new resolutions.

All these things happened during last New Year's fever in Facebook :P tapi semua tulis yang baik-baik belaka. I appreciate it but its okay if you said something you dislike about me +____+ At the moment I'm losing myself. Barely breathe, wanna cry all of sudden, missing each of you dear friends like crazy :(

January, be good to me. pleaassssseeeeee? 
Semoga hari-hari itu cepat berlalu. 

Sesungguhnya, 2011 itu pantas berlalu.
MEMORI : Suka dan duka.

p/s: Dear Fatini, goodluck for your finals. nanti cuti kita storymory!
p/s/s: My uncle wrote my name as Aina Zul in his lappy :P ahha, nama baru. no wonder sbb semua family sebelah ayah saya panggil dia Zul :D LOL.

Selamat Tahun Baru.

Aina Nadiah.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catching Up III

Hello and good morning everyone :) this is just a random update for the past event that I've went through. HAHA. lame -.- its holiday and eventhough I'm not working, it doesn't mean I am stuck at home too. ngeh3. but yeah, if I stay at home, means I have to do the same routine! T__T hmmm, peace out! Get a life, people~ Okay okay, I am going to sum up 2 stories into 1 :P

Cosmos World...

Nurin and Firdaus.
It reminds me when I was a little kid.
Marry Go Round.

DNA Mixer. Bergolek 360 darjah. Pening gila -.-

Enjoying ourself with the train at Kids' Park.
Done with roller-coaster,swing,spinning orbit,dizzy izzy!

Me and them :P Abg Dudi is not included. Hehe.
I cheerish every single second whenever they are around with me :)

Turning 20, I think going to such this place is not the best way to have fun. 
I just feel it that way.
But going there with your love ones indeed worth!

Hope you guys are having good times with your love ones too!


The two days after :) YEAH!
Mid Valley :P

Our main purpose to go there because there was MPH Carnival that was held there.
I went there with Daus, Kakak Aida and Adik Nemy :)

Key :)

Banyak maskot yang ada dekat sana.

Oh yea, they are my cousins from my abah's side :P
we bought some novels there~

We were very happy + excited. Collected all the balloons along the way. Sadly, knowing that we've to go back by KTM, just so you know -.- we gave the balloons to some kids. and the last two, we throw it away! huh >.<

p/s : Adik Nemy, if u ever read this (i know you will read), I am so jealous because you went for skate yesterday! Haaaissshhh.

xoxo,Aina Nadiah.

Monday, December 26, 2011

When you give your hand to somebody for the tie


Ammir and Fateha

I was invited by Aliyah(my darling buddy) to his brother's wedding reception at SDCC. So today I witnessed the beautiful wedding of them from the beginning to the end :) It was such a beautiful event. Everything went smoothly and well-organized. I was deeply touched by the slides :') awwww. Simple yet meaningful. Not like any others that I've watched before since the stories were read by them. I felt the words that came out was so much sincere. Both of them have known each other for 10 years! and proudly said they are SMAKLIAN :P

Pretty Aliyah :) I love your dress anyway.

Forever. Aimi Nadhirah.

Aliyah with the guys.
Nice meeting :)

US. With Puan Fazilawati :)

Love people not for what they have,
But for what they are.

Aina Nadiah.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Catching Up II

Salam, dear readers :) Happy Friday!
Haaa, yang lelaki tu pergi sembahyang Jumaat okay.WAJIB.

Peeps, all of them are my beloved cousins.

We went out the last last Sunday. It was on 4th December.
It was a terrible day yet nice.
Lemme tell you, we wanted to have some fun but we dont wanna go to any places which have lots of people/crowded.
So, I said Brem Mall was enough. Bowling/Rollerbladding :D
Naaaaah, there was a tournament at the bowl centre!
We went to Kompleks Mutiara.
OMG, last time I went there was long ago.
Tak boleh blah, kat sana tempat bowling tutup pulak!
Everyone was hungry. Had lunch at Pizza Hut :)
We didnt have fun yet, so thinking.
Where to go? My sister said,-Kita shopping2 then lepak dekat mana2-
Everyone agreed!
Okay kerja gila. Kami sampai ke Low Yat and Times Square >.<
So, main bowling dekat sana.
I was sucked on the way back home!
I swear it wont happen again!
Erkk, something happened. and I regret it up until now.
Anyhow, I was happy as I could spent time together with them.


Post ini hanya untuk ingatan aina.
Terima kasih kalau anda membaca sehingga habis coretan ini.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book Review

Assalamualaikum :D Hello lovely readers :P

I wasn't in a good mood and condition since the previous days -.- and yeah, life is getting harder and harder. sometimes I wish my life is just like in a drama which looks like there's no down. I know its impossible. Life is not always sunshine and rainbow. Yesterday, my pre-registration for my new semester went quite well. Alhamdulillah. and I'm happy that I could help some friends which got problem with their thingy. Okay ya, Hello Gombak and Degree! gulp >.<

I'm done reading one of malay novel which I find it interesting. the title : Ikhlas, AK :) you should grab and read it. The author must be someone who is full of ideas, and how to make the story/plot run smoothly! They have the skills. and yea, even it is not happen in a real life ;p but people can still imagine :) awww :')

Kata orang, 

Bad girls for a good guys. Takkan kot? >.<
Takkan lah jugak good guys for a bad girls. >.<

Kita jangan lupa janji Allah.
Surah An-Nur, 26

"Perempuan-perempuan yang jahat adalah untuk lelaki-lelaki yang jahat, dan lelaki-lelaki yang jahat untuk perempuan-perempuan yang jahat dan (sebaliknya) perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki-lelaki yang baik, dan lelaki-lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan- perempuan yang baik. Mereka (yang baik) itu adalah bersih dari (tuduhan buruk) yang dikatakan oleh orang- orang (yang jahat) mereka (yang baik) itu akan beroleh pengampunan (dari Allah) dan pengurniaan yang mulia."

p/s : I'm afraid to lose you, dear friends!

LOL, Aina Nadiah.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kau dan Aku =)

Hello everyone. Writing something in this blog is one of the best way to express my thoughts. I got so many things to share but to say it in a proper and nice way, I just dunno how? lol. or should I say, lack of ideas? huh -.-

Aku dan Kau.
Saya dan Awak.
Kte dan Awak.
Kte dan Kamu.
I and You.

Which one you used to address yourself with your friends? As far as I remember I used Aku dan Kau for most of my primary schoolmates. weird isn't it? You are still kid at that time and you used aku dan kau to talk with your friends. but somehow, the environment also reflects you!

When I was Form 1 @ SMKAKL, I started to learn using kte dan awk with my friends. and of course with seniors, I used saya dan akak. and I can count only a number of friends that I used aku dan kau with them. I dunno why, I feel that its a little bit rude and harsh. Same goes when I was in SESERI. yes, kte dan awk.

Well, in UIA it is a lil bit different. I feel comfortable using saya dan awak with most of them. Plus, kan baru berkenalan di sana dan tak kenal pun diri masing2 sebelum itu. but hey, with geng utara, i used 'hang' with them sometimes. ermm, usually for most of the time I calling myself- aina! Hee. and I rarely used aku dan kau sekarang.

In my point of view :) the closeness between friends reflects the way you talk to them. and of course it is far way different with your parents and family. maybe just them called you with such that panggilan ;p hihi. tapi ada je kawan2 yg saya tgk mmg teramatlah biasa guna aku dan kau dalam setiap perbualan. I dont blame and judge them just that way.

Hey, dont worry. you can still use Aku dan Kau during conversation with me :)

Unlike for BOYS, you decide yourself!
(aina rasa peliklah ada perempuan yang panggil lelaki with sayang or baby where in fact they are just friend!)

If you believe and keep in your heart

*To whom I'll share my life with,
  you'll be my everything.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Catching Up I

I just wanna update about how i spent my time with my love ones :) yeah, i know : its late! Just enjoy the series of my catching up :P First spot : PETROSAINS,KLCC~ i bet most/all of you have been there :)

22nd November 2011

I realized, he has grown up. 
and of course you have to take care of me bila dah baligh nnt. 
opppsss -.- selalu jugak la kami keluar berdua cuti sekolah ni :)

You can get many things in Petrosains right while enjoying yourself. First time I went there when I was 10/11 if I am not mistaken. Same goes to my lil bro. dia sangat teruja. Everything dia nak cuba, sampai tak larat nak layan. HAHA.

Besides so many things inside, I still love the gondola which I called it 'KACANG'. hihi.

LOL, Aina :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maybe words are just not enough

Aku tak tahu macam mana nak jelaskan atau luahkan.
Itu sahaja!


Mungkin perlu menulis sajak, mahupun puisi.
Cerpen, atau dikarang menjadi sebuah novel.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Owl Necklace =.=

Assalamualaikum and Hello, people :)
Happy Sunday.

Today I would like to share something with all of you guys. I bet everyone knows that owl necklace has been a trend for the time being and most of the teenagers have one or even more as their collection. Some of them really adore this type of necklace and use them as an accessories. I have it too and I just worn it once during last raya -.-

My sister and me :) we have the same type of that necklace!

For all this while, some of my friend said that wearing owl necklace is HARAM! Izzit? I've been wondering and I am quite doubted a bit but however yesterday I've read this article posted by one of the blogger about this thing. READ THIS. Actually, owl is a ritual symbol for pemuja dajjal. They are Zionis. Astaghfirullah! Wearing or keeping something which is like benda yang bernyawa hukumnya berdosa.


maksudnya : "Malaikat tidak  akan memasuki  rumah yang terdapat  di dalamnya  patung-patung  atau gambar-gambar (sesuatu yang bernyawa)"

Nak bergaya, tak salah tapi perlu kena dengan caranya :) Selepas tau benda ni semalam dan yakin, aina buang owl necklace yang ada tu. Banyak lagi kan rantai yang ada di pasaran :)

"diangkat pena bagi seseorang yang 
tidak tahu sehinggalah dia tahu"

Kesimpulannya, jangan terus mengecam mana-mana gadis yang kebanyakkan memakai rantai burung hantu kerana saya yakin mereka juga tidak tahu. Wallahualam. Bukankah tugas kita semua untuk menegur dan memimpin?


Friday, December 9, 2011

My wish for you =)



09122011 :P you are 19 darl 

Aina rindu masa kita makan sama2. 
together with Miraa and Nadia :P as well as Sarah :)
Aina rindu time gosip sama2.
also together with Miraa and Nadia.
You used to be our org yg bg tazkirah bfo tidur. 
sanggup bersengkang mata sampai 3/4 pagi sebab menyembang >.<
but Aina biasanya lelap dulu. haha -.-
Aina rindu bila tiba-tiba shrek call sebab nak bg tau something.
Call sbb tak sabar nak cerita hot story. awww
Aina rindu bila kita perabih duit sama2.
Aina rindu nak lepak Dataran Nilai sama2.
Senang cerita, rindu semuanya laaah.
Banyak kot kenangan kita :)
Ingat tak kita webcam mcm org gila sebab bosan tuuuh.


shishi with cutest baby :)

macam princess kan :P


your name are too much, kaaan dear ?

I just want you to know

We are so closed kan masa last sem :)

So today is your big day :P walaupun nampak kecik je lagi, tapi hang dah besaQ tau.eventhough adik2 hang lagi besar dari hang :P hehe. May Allah bless and I know you are strong girl. Tetapkan hati untuk berbuat kebaikan dan bermujahadah di jalan Allah. Semoga mendapat redha-Nya. lagi-lagi Hari ni hari Jumaat. Semoga segala impian menjadi kenyataan. Ameen~

I'm all ears if you have something to tell, baby!

Lots of love,
Aina Anggun