Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to keep your SHOES looking like new :)

"Give a girl the right shoes,
And she can conquer the world"

-Marilyn Monroe-

Shoes can be the best accessory for men and women. Women especially have a collection of shoes in their wardrobe. They keep it clean and arrange them nicely on the rack. But do you really know on how to keep your shoes looking like new? :D I feel like sharing some of the best tips for you guys. (maybe it is suitable for girls, hehe)
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1. Check on your favourite shoes’ health

How can you do it? Bring them to doctor or cobbler? No no. Always be diligent to check the bottom of your favourite pair. Most people forget to do this and they will just run their shoes into the ground. When this happens, what actually could be just minor fixes will become major ones. Things that you should look out for include a nail peeking out of the heel of your stiletto, for example, or it could be severely scratched soles. Just to remind you ladies, most dressy heels have thin soles and they could wear down easily.

2. Try on them for 10 minutes before you buy

Have you tried this tip before ladies? Keep calm and don't rush when you are choosing and decide to buy the shoes of your favourite. We all have that habit going to the store, try the shoes on and do a quick back and forth walk. Well this is good but simply still not enough. Well, I am recommending you to spend at least 10 minutes in the shoes you are going to buy. If you get the wrong size, it doesn’t matter how much you stretch or tighten them, those shoes will never fit you comfortably. If it is not the right size just leave them.

3. Be aware of escalators, decks and grates!

Hmmm, things that you need to be cautious. You can replace the torn up heal covers on the heel, of course, but trust me it will never be exactly the same as the original. Always watch where you step.

4. Your pets love those expensive shoes

Believe me, they love it! If you have a cat for example, never leave your expensive shoes on the floor! Remember how pissed Carry was when her ex’s dog chewed on her beautiful shoes in one of the Sex and the City’s episode? You might want to avoid the depressing feeling of having your favourite expensive shoes getting scratched by your pets. Hence, keep them in a safe place :)

5. Buy a maintenance shoes products

Different types of shoes have different method and equipment needed to properly care for them. Properly maintained shoes will last longer and look like new all the time. Girls, you may purchase the products at the shoe store or online :) Do not let your shoes smelling bad -.-

Last but not least, it is important to find the right match for your feet to prevent injury and for your health. There are plenty of comfortable and high quality footwear are available in the market that comes with a variety of style and colour. Make a wise choice :) Click HERE for a selection of charming and affordable shoes that you may fall in love to purchase.