Tuesday, August 10, 2010

night class ;p

last night there was night class at cyber class-.-uhuu.
since dh byk tertinggal,lecturer asik bz aje :(
so me n eka went to the class a bit late.
so soooo kene ddk blkg skali.
haha:) serve ur right!


before the class began+___+

the lecturer just asked us to focus on slide show.
but,we at the back;)ahha.dgn x bwk specs.
x dpt tgk dgn jelas apa yg ada kt slide show tuhh.
plusplus,we sit betul2 bwh kipas.
how lucky we are kn:)


masih cuba bertahan dan focus.


tett.kemengantukan mula melanda.LOL~

kegilaan menjadi-jadi.

meet my Classmate:)

she claimed that she helped me when i fell into the drain. she said she helped me to get out from the drain.haha:)when lahhh???so soooo,she said "ni la manusia x kenang budi".i just laugh!hee=.=she is the only one my friend who called me anna.like.like:)we work together for the first project work.really satisfied ouhh bila da siap.wink3~thnx a lot darl~

anna LOVES eka <3

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