Thursday, May 15, 2014

A long hiatus


Helloooooo everyone. *waving hands*

My last post was on February 2013. Owh my, I have been neglecting this blog more than a year -.- It was like I stopped out of sudden because of some reasons perhaps. *ada juga this one friend cakap and ask me to continue writing in this blog* Hey I am so bored right now in this small compartment of mine in this room yadayada and yeaah here am I :) Well, it is already May. Few things have changed which I am not going to tell or write here. Lol.

Errmmm, final examination is just around the corner. I have done with most of the classes. It has been one hectic and wonderful semester this time. but thank God, everything went well though there are some difficulties along the way. Life seems good and it keeps offering me a lot of things to be experienced. Other than academic or society stuffs, I learnt that to love and appreciate people more and more. To take a good care of myself. To love and put my heart in whatever things I do. To ignore what people say about me if it is not true. To put effort for what I want. To always be with people who spread positive vibes. And lots more!

I am now already in my 3rd year. Pengajian ini berbaki lagi setahun. Doakan semoga aku tabah nak habiskan semua ini, apa yang aku telah mulakan. Moga semuanya dipermudah Tuhan. I love to study here in the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Terus kuat nak redah hari muka. This one thing keeps crossing my mind lately. There is a dream that I would like to pursue and make it reality ever since I was a little girl. Pray hard and keep your finger crossed. Friends, I pray that your mind, body and soul will always be in a good condition wherever you are. I hope you'll do the same thing. Your 'doa' is all I ask for.

I will stop now. and I don't know when I will come back.

Aina Nadiah.

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