Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia... Part 4 - Sydney

Here I am again, just to continue.. HEHE~

And today is our shopping day ;') yeay! If you want to shop cheap but with a quite good quality of souvenir, Paddy's Market, Sydney is the right place to go. It offers you great bargain to choose from. It is not open daily somehow, you have to check first before you go. Macam-macam benda yang dijual. From food to fashion...etc. etc.

You can also go to their fish market. It is super duper clean! 
Lantai tak basah. HAHA. But we didn't buy anything there.

Had fun pyjama party with my girls :') 
Then we slept early because tomorrow will start our day early in the  morning :)

Good Morning :')
Anyway, in Sydney, it is 2-3 hours lebih cepat daripada Malaysia.

 We had our breakfast at Diggies Cafe, near to the beach. 
The weather is getting hotter and sunnier. Dah nak spring kan :')
Breezy, sungguh nyaman sekali!
Banyak la orang bersidai di tepian pantai, merebahkan diri dibawah pancaran matahari. 
And lots of people swimming and surfing too. We didn't join them but just taking photos.
Today, I am going to meet my schoolmate, Amalina Alia in Sydney 
and check in our AirBNB in Hurstville, NSW. 
Kak Thirah drove me to Sydney and the rest of the clan went by train.
 Later we gonna meet and jalan-jalan together in Sydney CBD.
Hello, beautiful city :')  (Sydney Harbour Bridge)
Roaming around Sydney in the evening. 
It is quite late already but never mind. Still got time to explore for the remaining days~

Kami juga tidak melepaskan peluang untuk turut serta bersidai di sekitar perkarangan Sydney Opera House seperti orang lain.  Had our dinner that we bought earlier di situ while watching the sun sets. Sydney Opera House memang famous, kebanggaan Australia ataupun Sydney juga saya kira :')

Macam istana budaya lah kalau di Malaysia ni. On the day I was at the Opera House, 
ada la show. I saw people dress nicely and waiting to enter the hall/theatre. 
I didn't join of course, but dapat lah masuk opera house tu and use their toilet. HAHA.

Ouh yea, I had an experience performing the prayer openly here. 
Since the day I arrived, at the park, the beach...
And today we solat near to the stairs at the opera house :')
 Alhamdulillah, unforgettable experience.

That night, we went to Darling Harbour by ferry. Yuhuuuu, little did we know ada fireworks on weekends :') Rezeki. Enjoy lah juga tengok bunga api di negara orang~

View of the Sydney city at night~

Sydney banyak sangat tempat best and a lot to explore. Seriously~

Tak larat pulak nak tulis dah~ huhu.

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