Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Kakak from different mother

You sure will have at least one in this world.
They are not related but treat you as their own blood.
I am feeling sad today and texted her.
Telling her that I wanna go home. Missing my parents so very much.
She then told me that do your best.
"Dah duduk jauh-jauh dari rumah, kena usaha sehabis baik"
"Pulun bagi habis"
"Barulah berbaloi"
She said make it this way as it works for her.
"Sebulan je nak pergi kem, lepas tu boleh balik rumah".
"Bunyi dia FUN kan"
I laughed. HAHAHAHAHA.
In that one month, you enjoy, do your work.
Then settle you can go home without feeling guilt.

KAK DIDIE, terima kasih.
You never left me even after I left the school and we never met since then :'(
9 years ago, huh?
One fine day, Insha Allah.

Tahniah dah habis belajar.
Kalau nak sambung PhD, go ahead.
Saya sokong je akak. Yeay!

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