Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sekolahku Tercinta

sekolah menengah agama kuala lumpur
mercu tanda jaya anak bangsa
punya wawasan tinggi dan mulia
ilmu beramal dan berjasa

sekolah menengah agama kuala lumpur
budaya cemerlang akhlak gemilang
guru tercinta teladan mulia
pelajar gigih dan berjaya

kaulah pelita
penyuluh kegelapan dunia

kau amat berjasa
melahirkan pejuang agama
satria negara

  • i still remembered the song, melody, etc...etc...
those were the day.i was there from 2005 to march 2008.when i think back the day i was there,many vivid memory spring into my mind! ;D
it can't be denied that SMAKL does taught me lots of things.[LIFE,FRIENDS,FRIENDSHIP,LEADERSHIP,MYSELF,and so on]have you ever wondered?yesterday you just step in front of the school gate.wearing goverment school attire[baju kurung putih lengan bercekak,kain biru,and tudung labuh(a must)] and registered yourself here. got your dorm which you will stay in,your own locker,and class. then,there will be seniors followed you, helped to carry all your things to the dorm.i was placed in DORM GEMILANG and CLASS 1 ALI.
there,she used to wake up at 5.30 a.m,showered herself,solat berjemaah everytime,go for breakfast.we just accept and reda.no matter what food mak cik DM served you! =] then make all the way to school.went to the hall to attend assembly on Monday.as usual, the teachers will start their talk and babbling whereas the students fall asleep.hahaha.(x sengaja).ye ke???she had to go for prep class in the evening ang night.sometimes for the evening class,she used to escape,lepaking at the pondok,chit chat with friends. cool ouh :D night prep.she will sleep after done all herhomework or when she felt tired.hahaha =) mmg habit bdk hostel pon... one more thing,yeah""" the seniors also like to tarbiah the Form 1."form 1,turun dorm U"."gulppp,ade pe?nk kene marah ke?"usually kene marah la kan.hi3.=D not to forget, me too!i still remembered, the senior Izzati Hannah called me."dik,bangun.buat mcm ni".so i just followed what she asked me to do.hurmm,whatever! ;) thats a challenge as a junior right.tabah.2x...he3 ;]
she used to be prefect there.she used to checked the dorm.locked the grill.make an announcement.etc..etc..she learned to managed herself there.cleaned the dorm.other : tegang cadar,kemas loker. sometimes when she fall asleep,there were caring friends will offered some sweets and start massage.(urut bahu la,tangan la: padahal makin ngantok)ahahaha.;Dwhat a memory!,p she used to chase to dewan makan with classmates and good friends after the school ends.so that tak payah lined up panjang2. cool beb =p [rindunya saat nie]
i remembered the Azan recited by budak putera.wah,suare cukup merdu! :D alhamdulillah.i was so happy.i realized how wonderful it was to be in SMAKL.i missed my few years there, having solat berjemaah with the best best ustaz and friends,having kuliah subuh,kuliah maghrib,usrah puteri which no doubt to create a better me!he3 ;D then, on weekend,after having kuliah session after the subuh prayer,all the smaklians will attacking dewan makan for breakfast.i remembered budak puteri just wearing telekung with pyjamas get into DM...sungguh klaka! =]
she used to have fun with buddies.rox beb ;Dhaving dormmates like mimi,ata'ain,naz,huda in F1 was wonderful moment.she used to play with them and fooling around on friday night.(esok x skola kn,maen laaa).hi3 =) she used to be very very kind to her juniors.she loves the juniors very much.(kenangan terindah bersamamu). ;) and now she is no longer a student.
but somehow
i am proud
to be a part of

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Izyan :) said...

Nice post. Proud to be smaklian too (y)