Sunday, January 17, 2010

.some knowledge to be shared.(continue)

3.what are BLACK HOLES?
a black hole is a region of spacefrom which nothing,including light can escape.
it is all due to gravity-the force will pulls objects towards each other .it keeps the EArth moving around the Sun,instead of flying off into space, and holds us all down on the surface of the Earth.
a black hole's gravitty is so strong that not even light can escape its pull.because the light is dragged towards a black hole,it cannot shineand so looks completely black.
4. why do UNIONS make you CRY?
over time,onion has developed a nifty way to protect itself and try to stop humans and animals from eating it.
when we cut an onion,it release a chemical which, when it hits your eyes, forms a painful acid,making your eyes sting.when your eyes sense the pain,they produce tears to wash away the stinging chemical.
as the tears run down your cheeks,they take the stinging chemical away with them,making your eyes feel better again.
5. how BIG is the WORLD?
if you dug a hole on the equator that went right through the centre of the Earth to the other side, it would be about 12756 km long.that is called the equatorial diameter.
the Sun's diameter is about 100 times that of the,yo'd have to line up 100 Earths end to end to stretch across the face of the Sun.
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