Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hey, it's me, Aina Nadiah here, just rambling. It is not usual for me to be at the campus or at the hostel during the weekend while many of my friends have going back to their hometown. Malaysians are having a longer weekend because Monday is a public holiday. HOOOOORRRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! I decided not to go back to Kuala Lumpur because it is just for 3/4 days. I want to have more than a week stay at home. HAHA. See? mengada somemoreee. No lah, I also have some work to finish and maybe maybe I can go to my uncle or aunt in Penang or Kedah soon, if I feel so so bored! meeting my cousins yadayada :D That would be better at the time being~ Okay lah, apa2 pun, doakan lah saya mampu menulis dengan baik :) It maybe stormy now, but it is not going to rain forever. Insha allah.

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