Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quack quack !

I am not a fan of dUCkscarves or even the community of the dUCk. So, I am not one of the dUCk-ies. But it can't be denied that I love the design, colours etc etc of the scarf. It is quite expensive because of the exclusivity. Mungkin saya tak faham mengapa ramai orang yang terlalu menggilainya. Saya, Hasyani dan Athirah kadangkala berborak mengenainya :P Layan juga lah, Love, Vivy yang ditayang di ASTRO tu :') But, one thing for sure, I have been admiring the founder, Vivy Yusof, even before dUCk exists. dUCk is still a scarf, a hijab for covering aurah. I may not really interested to buy the scarf now or I can say, couldn't afford that much to spend for a scarf at the moment, but I am sure if there is an autobiography on FashionValet or Vivy or even Fadza, I will definitely gonna buy it :D HEHE.

Something on dUCk people wrote :P you can click the link to read~


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