Friday, August 28, 2009


night is still young.happy.good.exciting.after having my sahur(mama buat meehoon), i neva sleep after that.i went to see all da one by one, finally i decided to study agama.then bkk kitab sejarah.oooo,pening pale sume bnde yg kene byk membace,kene ingat,n hafal.could i finished it,memorise all da facts?i know i can.eventually,"nadia,jom kuwa!".orite.i statered choosing my outfit n i wore simple(jeans and shirt).but a little bit different at my tudung.jeng..jeng..jeng..haha.we went to sogo n area2 sekitarnye laaa.its really bz n crowded bcoz mlm ni ade pasar malam jalan TAR n all da people pon nk shopping jgk.kate mama,"biase la dh gaji".hohoho.mcm2 ragam manusia aku jmp.aniss bought a lot of things compared to,my uncle came n berbuke kt sini.mmg best.nice chatting with my cuzen.dh la jarang jmp.ermm, today i also having a nice chatting n smsing with my 2 frenz.thnx 4 being in my life.they colours my life.

beberape gmba yg sempat aku rakamkn hari nie :


things that i bought

on da way nk blk dh...

after all,i was very happy.thnx ALLAH!

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