Friday, August 28, 2009


ah,sakitnye.aku pon tatau nape ngn aku hr nie.not feeling well.duduk,x kene.berdiri x kene.jalan x kene.baring lg la x kene.nk buat ape???study?my brain is stuck rite,i just stay front da laptop,open da music.louder.jeng''3x...tetibe rajin,i took a broom n sweep all da floor upstairs.huhuhu.then,my phone ringing.anes is calling schoolmate mse zaman kanak2 dlu.about 5 years kami x,mmg x sangke.then she said she'll move to kl back after spm.hoho.bestnyer,she really want to meet me...ermm,my dearest sister will come back today...there must be plan n exciting thing we'll do 4 this weekend.but not all da sibs in da house.x complete.nothing 2 say anymore.aha,thnx mior ajar aina addmath hard.aims high.

ni la kakak aku,aniss

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