Friday, January 20, 2012

Afraid of

Assalamualaikum :) It is 12.42 am, and my eyes can still open widely :P Yayy. Happy :)

I wasn't in a good mood & condition this week. I dont know why, I feel weak and tired of this soooo long holiday. Too much time to kill -.- So dear tomorrow, please be good to me :D Thank you mama. *thrilled*

When people asked me, how do you feel to start degree? enter main campus? of course I'm excited :) *cutilamalamapunbolehgila* but anyhow, I feel afraid because I know its going to be tough! Many things you need to do by your own >.< I've read the admission booklet and whatever necessary. I just dislike/hate when it comes to the part you have to fill up the forms -.- and I think I always got problems on that.*tak reti itu, tak tahu ini* Then mama said : tak siap-siap lagi ke? apa benda lagi yang tak faham? gulp ^_~

In this less than 2 weeks, I have to be well-prepared. Mentally, physically and emotionally :P Yeah, about my course, it is NOT EASY! I've asked some friends who have started earlier, and basically we'll meet Linguistics and Poetry again :DD lalalala. Although I'm taking English course, I still have to learn the Islamic Revealed Knowledge subjects. It really freaks me out! We have to fullfil 8 out of 10. pheeewww! Relax, Aina :) it is not bad to learn new things. Plus, we have to learn the Human Sciences subjects as well =) so, chill ;p

Second thing is environment. I hope everything is going to be fine. Mahallah Asma', hopefully cantik,menarik,tertarik, and da bomb! *nak demand demand pulak* hihi. Since semua tempat dekat UIA tu berbukit-bukit, so maybe penat sikit la if kena jalan banyak. Friends? its going to be okay since I love making new friends and meet people :D Hope to meet you guys back very soon!

Thank you for reading :)
Goodnight :D

p/s : Happy Birthday, Ama :D May Allah bless.

Lots of love,
Aina Zul.

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