Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get a life

Assalamualaikum :)
Happy Wednesday people.
Yeah, its me :) come back! *exaggerating much?* LOL. it has been a while I left this blog.

NO Wordless Wednesday. HAHA!

Thats all I can say. 
Tired of pretending everything is okay where actually it is not :(
Ended up with faking smile? -.-
Fighting with my heart and to show the OKAY facial expression in front of people >.<

I'm too bored at home. I think everyone will never understand my situation -.- I'm so sad like no one cares! Wake up, do the same routine, enjoying watching tv, surfing internet, chatting with friends, and bla bla bla until my head feels heavy and fall asleep. *esok lusa dan seterusnya pun macam tu*. What happen to me right now is really different from what I've faced 2/3 years ago. *yelah,dunia makin berubah* What I mean, in the situation where less than 2 weeks I will enroll at the university. *rasa macam tak dapat nak terima*. So I told myself to be patient! *nak buat housechores pun rasa malas* -.-

So starting from now on, I try to make myself busy with all those college thingy. When I listed down what to do, its quite A LOT need to be settled. My friend once said, "bukan mak ayah kau tak kisah, tapi diorang percaya kau dah boleh buat sendiri semua benda tu,". Maybe this is the platform for me untuk jadi lebih berdikari :) Yayy. Okay people, I will stop babbling about my dull and boring life. Sorry. Never my intention to post about such thing.

Okay lah, nak tengok movie. Window online shopping :)
Dah tak rasa nak baking ke apa >.<


p/s : Malas nak sambung siri catching up saya. itu semua tahun lepas punya kisah.
       +makan steamboat+desawater park+

Aina Zul.

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