Sunday, January 8, 2012

I will survive :)

A : Mama, cuaca panaskan -.- tapi bila nadia duduk dalam bilik, rasa sejuk sangat.
M : Itu orang tak sihat namanya!
A : -.-

Hello lovely readers :)

Everyone wants a beautiful and happy life. Full of laughters, surrounded by awesome bestfriends, and families. But yeah, along the way of course we'll meet haters, and every cloud has silver linings. Nobody perfect and sometimes people keep on saying about your flaws without realizing theirs. Okay, me myself sometimes,(^_^) rarely,(^_~) seldomly,(^_*) finding my own flaws. Kenapa muka saya macam ni lah? Eh, ada jerawat? dan macam-macam lagi laah. Bukan tak bersyukur =.= tapi kadangkala manusia memang begitu. Terlupa bahawa dialah yang paling bertuah. No matter how, be grateful with life that Allah gives to you and with that you'll be stronger and appreciate it :)

Whooooaaaaa. My 4 months holiday is coming to its end. GOOD! THUMBS UP! Like what I said to Meny few days ago, the saying "Home is the place where you heart is", (might be it is not exactly like that but i know you get the meaning) is not for me anymore! Yes, gone crazy when you do nothing. Enough. I think most of the things that I wish to do before had done. I DID IT :) Saya dah tak sanggup bercuti selama ini -.- But at least, I know my holiday is isn't unproductive at all. I could say this is the best time for me, 1) Berbakti kepada mama dan abah. Cewwwaaaah. 2)..... 3)..... & seterusnya. At the moment, I'm sick of this holiday. It's killin' me >.<

p/s : Lagi seminit nak pukul satu. Goodnight semua~

Aina Zul :)

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Schajar McFlurry said...

Saya pulak tak sabar nak tunggu holiday. huhu..