Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Regret? NO!

Where have you been? Where have you gone? Where are you, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, and PASSION? I know it is still there, too far maybe! Seems to have none of it right now :'( I put everything away. Maybe for a while. Ohhh Allah, help me! I can't help myself at the moment but to compare this and that. To compare myself with my peers. Feeling down, low, demotivated, just name it. And yes, these 2/3 weeks weren't that good. I have to change. I need to find myself back. Just yesterday, I realized that I should be grateful for all the things that happened to me.

I think that I am having a hard and rough times now, but I forgot that there are many out there are having much much more difficult times that I am. Ouchhh. Easier for the people to say, Be strong! Thank you, I appreciate it. I know I am the one who has to go though everything. You are fortunate enough, Aina! YES YOU ARE! Remember that. These hard times shall passed. However, through all these what I am enduring right now, I am glad that I could reach this far. Allah has given me the strength that I needed to continue this journey. Everything happen for a reason. Be grateful, always pray to Allah, ask Him for everything! Kau kena bangkit. There is hope :') Esok masih ada, insha allah!

I might have chosen the path that have less travelled by. PERHAPS!
Pastinya ada sebab. Pastinya ada sinar.
Aku nak lihat bila semua ini berakhir, aku akan tersenyum. PUAS~

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