Monday, December 26, 2016

When are you coming back?
Cuti berapa lama kali ni? -Mama-

I am just missing you, Mama. 
Thank you for loving me endlessly since Day 1 :D
Thank you for taking care, asking me this and that.
Always soothing! 
I love you too more than you ever comprehend. Hee.

As much as I am fond of music, 
your voice is my favourite song by far.

In this case, I should thank to Penang in particular 
for really teaching me the many many real meaning. 
RINDU yang paling terbanyak nya.
Untuk rindu yang tak terungkap dan sebagainya.

Until next time. Eh I wanted to write other things, but never mind lah, end up tulis lain pula. -.-

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