Saturday, December 19, 2009


its so difficult to forget all the memories there.or should i say,'i miss u seseri'.ryte now in seseri,everybody was in PJ's,chatting,borak2,bancuh milo,teh or other kind of water laaa.ready for stay up.but im not that type of ppl.11.30,on my bed,ready to close my eyes.but sometimes i did stay up with other frenz if esok cuti.act,being in seseri best gilakkk.ppl out there maybe dunno how we survived to stay in seseri.rock man!i love being in that school.we are like living with a big big happy family.yeke???betol kowt.he3.aku jmp mcm2 jenis manusia dr seluruh m'sia.they all are awesome.bravo! i remembered the last day of school,everybody seems like really really happy to finish the school years after 11 years being a school student.the last day was chemistry paper.then ade yg letopkn ape bnde tah.bertabur-tabur laaa mnde tuu kt dataran wacana.bukti kegembiraan kami.he3.currently,i really miss u mia.aku rindu nk dgr cite2 ko yg sungguh byk tue.psl kisah silam ko laaa.memacam lg.tibe2 je kn aku baek ngn ko.he3.since aku study kt bilik geng bilik minda,thnx.korg pon mewarnai dunia aku.

.aku ngn mia.last day jd bdk skula.

khaty.sofya.nad.aina.mia .kami dh x bole nk bace bku


melompat lebih tinggi

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