Wednesday, December 23, 2009

pmr candidates'09

of course ryte now all of you must be like gelisah,resah,cuak,takot,seram,gementar,bedebar-debar,ape lg???or should i say mkn x kenyang(tipu la,klo dh mkn confirm kenyang),mndi x bsh(lg menipu klo mndi siram air mesti la basah),tido x lena(ha,ni mmg btol sbb taleh tdo).
but after put a lot of effort and agony this year to face the exam,just tawakal ok.terime je ape yg dpt esok.bcoz whatever results u get,believe that Gods had planned the best for ur life always and forever.everything happens for a reason.
i would like to wish all the best for tomorrow to all pmr candidates
especially to all my juniors in smakl.
may u get da best results that can make ur parents and teachers proud of u.
to my beloved cuzen,adek.
don't be too scared!adek BOLEH!believe urself.
to tasha,
akk tau kamoo boleh.
go,go chaiyok!9A.

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