Monday, December 28, 2009


suddenly,i miss one of my batchmate.yeahh,go through abt her story.gudnite,dude!

her name is ida yasmin.

im very sure all of da seserian knows.

no need to tell much abt her.

but she is minah gedix.


but she dont care what people said

'si kecil yg genit'

she extremely luv PINK.

with the

pink selendang,

pink shirt,

pink pants,

pink bag,

pink slippers,

and all the

pink stuff wrapped her body

huh =( but


and her voice everybody knows.

well,its ida.

when she sneeze,i think the people stands one miles away can heard.


sory ida.

but then,

i just want u to know

i love you.


i would like to award you with the tittle

[the most gewdixx gurl in the universe]

believe me!

muahhhh =)

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