Thursday, December 24, 2009

two different things

case 1 :
u love him/her.but he/she always make u angry.but u can't throw the love feeling from ur heart.if i could do that,i would like to throw the feeling in the DUSTBIN.what a waste.

case 2:
u don't love him/her.but he/she always make u happy.he/she always cheer u up.but the love feeling never come.but i like them so much.

if u are in my situation,which cases would u prefer?bcoz right now(refer case 1),they always make me 'TERASE'.n for sometimes until my tears flow.i hate.


i love this situation.

u love him/her.and he/she will always be there for u.they always support u.

that are what friends for rite.

and only a few people in this situation exists in my life.

you are the lucky friends.

for 1 think i sad


i don't care


i do appreciate


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