Saturday, October 30, 2010

new life

hye readers :)

its a very veryyyy long way to go~
sem 2 ni dh tade mse nk tergolek-golek dh.huh :(
neva mind.i'll try my best ;p

=.= LEM0620
=.= Understanding Islam
=.= Elementary Quranic Language
=.= Poetry
=.= Linguistic
=.= Introduction to IRK

thats all.sume subjek ni mmg berat~nk exempted from EPT pon bukan senang.juz bcoz of my writing band for the last exam,x exempted :( lg2 budak BEN ;p xpe xpe,blaja!
wish me luck ppl :) pray for me,and i'll do the same.

to all my frens yg
sdg berperang,

love by many,hate by plenty

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