Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Holiday~

salam>.< hye peeps :)) the time we waited for has arrived.hoyeaahhh~ and i have lots of things to share.wee ♥♥♥

now, Hello Holiday!

Miss Natasha,Miss Zaidatul,Sir Raheem,Ust Azam,Madam Farhah,Madam Adibah,Miss Hanita.

Mufidah,Dini,Hafizah,Suhaili,Syuhada,Awatif,Hamida,Arina,Diyana,Nadhirah,Syazwani,Sakinah,Qistina,Syufiqa,Hanim,Azlina,Nurul,Farihin,and ramai lagilahh ;pp
its over. until we meet again ;p
take care ♥♥♥

oke :D done with final the only thing i need to do is doa,tawakal.Leave the rest to Allah because He knows everything.

Insya'allah :)

then,i am starting to miss dormmates especially.we are so close to each other.they are the reason why i can guys are awesome.i'll love you until my last azue and anis,enjoy your well-deserved break.kalau rindu kami dtg la ziarah.

xoxo : LadyLurve~

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