Sunday, February 20, 2011

im not strong enough :((

sometimes when it comes to all these problems, im not that strong enough to face it. i just dont want anybody hurts. dear you, please! im begging you~ many people sense the changes in me. im not like before. i know God would not test His slave if they are not capable to handle it. but now, i feel like dying.

i was on the phone  with Aliah Asarani this morning. im so happy to hear her voice. Aliah, i know you are STRONG! aliah kan gagah :PP never mind, study hard ea :)) you deserved more than that. ada masa kita jumpa okayy. i met Nisyah at McD just now! accompanied her to buy groceries at Giant. haha:)) since when laa you rajin2 nk masak haa??? *evil laugh* i'll claim something from you nisya.ingat tuhh^_^happy.happy.thanx a lot mira and nadiah.teman aina td~

I love all  my friends. seriously, i really do. when i called you, means i miss you a lot! for me others happiness is important. when i texted you, i wanna keep in touch with you. i'll do anything to make all my friends happy. i appreciate everything that all of you've done to me.thank you (:

okayy.need to stop.wish me luck people. 3 more to go.
i hope you'll be by myside forever!

xoxo: LadyLurve~


Nur Nafis said...

Good luck and be strong!

Anonymous said...

deary,be very very strong okay? we're all here fer u if u need us..=)