Monday, February 28, 2011

Journey to North~

salam. hey, i just finished cooking! :P so its the time for blogging. a few hours lagi, kena fetch adik balik sekolah >.< okayy, i wanna tell u my story during the past chinese new year break. 

oriteeeeee, we (budak2 D-3-9) dh lama plan nk vacation together since some of us from Kedah,Penang,Kelantan,Terengganu,KL and not to forget Johor! lalalalala~ so best la kan.masing2 menceritakan keseronokan di negeri masing2.malah mengalu-alukan kedatangan kami.hee :) wink3~

so as we've planned, with help of my parents and nadia's... Enna,Azue,Meny spent our holiday di Utara! wuwuwuwu. we were so excited to start the journey as what we've planned. Our journey begins. go to my house first by KTM! lol~ sucks. more than one hour with full of people in the train. and finalllllyyyyyyyyy reach my house safely! yeay :))

the travelers with budak utara




love this pic

mereka orang utara. >Perak>Kedah>Penang

hurmm, malam tu in my room.kami online! and they opened my wardrobe and try some of my baju's.hee :PP makeover itu gillaaaaaa i tell you.

okayy! enough for now>.< will be continued.

xoxo: LadyLurve

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