Saturday, August 6, 2011

Muar #2

I just know that Muar is a.k.a Bandar Maharani. :P

Today was awesome :D Thanks a lot especially to Mira and Zek for bringing us wandered around Muar. Zek as a driver and Mira as a tour guide. yeke? mcm musykil pulak. haha! I had so much fun just now. We had a chance to go to Tanjung Emas. We wanna ride a bot but it was suck. if we got a chance, for sure we've tour around Sg Muar~ then, they brought us to Giant. hehe :) and shopping mall. Wetex! if im not mistaken lah. it was no bad since all of us "jahanam". means our money mengalir bagai air jugak laaaah. swear. tired. exhausted. (nak minum air tak boleh.haha.tahan je la). sabar2, tunggu berbuka~ then her dad fetch us.

Again, today, we went to bazaaaaar. different place from yesterday. at Sg Abong :P best gilaaaa with variety of foods and drinks :) huhu. then her dad drove us to Mira's grandpa house. kat Muar jugak~ tapi area kampung ;p it remind me of my kampung at Kedah >.< her mum asked us to pluck the rambutan :) mmg kenangan. since aina tak pernah rasa duduk dalam dusun or balik kg time musim buah -.- pathetic! and they keep on saying, "aina,sampai ke nak amik tuhh??" haaaaiiishhh! shuuuuhhh~

Indeed, i love them with all my heart. i would do everything for friendship. they paint my world every single day especially i am in Nilai and when my day was gloomy -.- being with them never dissapoint me. i can't live without them :D

some random photos of us.
but i dunno why all the photos cant be rotate! huh.
just enjoy it guys.

Nur Amira Zainudin
Nurul Nadiah Nordin
Aina Nadiah Mashor


Aina Nadiah

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