Friday, August 5, 2011

Muar :D

Cheers. laaaah muka budak tak sabar nak pi Muar :D

its already 5th August 2011, the fifth day of Ramadhan :P i feel blessed. and right now im onlining in Mira's room. wee :D the two hours journey indeed so worth. we've dream before that one day we MUST arrived Muar.and she make it for us. and we did it. Yeay! but somehow, i felt sorry for Shrek as she supposed to follow us but something happened just before we leave Nilai :( take care my dear :D

Obviously, saya dekat Muar la kaaaaan :P we reached around 430 pm. and i can say Muar is quite good ;p a busy town but not as busy as to be compared with KL :) Zek, mira's fren came and took us to bazaaar. its very good when we ended buying muratabak s'pore :DD lain la sikitkaaaan.haha.

Okay people, nothing much to say. gonna enjoy tomorrow!

me and nadia. look at my previous post.she wanna tells everyone that she IS taller than me.

Aina Nadiah.