Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Eid :)

Salam lebaran semua. currently, i am in KL. celebrating raya at my home sweet home. :D but anyhow its such a boring raya. takda suasana kampung. ofcos la kan. nasib baik at least, my neighbours did came to my house.yeay. and fortunately, esok i am heading to penang to meet my Tokwan as well as relatives.

today, as usual the whole family went to mosque, perform sembahyang raya.and dgr khutbah. on my way back to home after solat, i saw him driving Myvi or Kelisa i am not sure. i just took a glance. i know him and still recognize his face. (memori lama kembali menyerang). he, the one who i used to admire during my primary school. senior pulak tu. nothing  much changed. masih lagi dgn chinese look. putih! and still good looking. dont get me wrong. i admire him because of the qualities he has not more than that. ini kisah dulu-dulu. ;p

raya>.< surely byk food. just name it. ketupat,rendang,lontong,nasi impit, etc.etc. i think i eat a lot. huh, berat yg turun masa puasa itu hari boleh naik dlm masa sehari aje kot :| ok people, have a great raya. take care :)

Aina Nadiah :)

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