Saturday, August 20, 2011

Awesome people around me :)

Assalamualaikum. cheers for the visit readers.

First of all, i'm home :) yeay. life has been incredibly awesome lately. i mean since the month of Ramadhan. anyways, i've lots of things to share with you people.

Yesterday,i got a chance to meet my besties. Maher,Eein, and Mel.too bad Asya cant join us :( but before that,i've done a mistake which i'll never forget it forever.LOL. pissed off. we met at KLCC and iftar at Secret Recipe. While waiting for the time to break our fast, we just chitchat and talking about our past, good old days. i was so excited to ask and hear the story of maher at Egypt. enjoying our meal :) >performed maghrib. then we were like hunting for ice-cream, which was we wanted to find Baskin Robin and so pathetic actually there's no BR at KLCC. haha;p balik.balik.

our happy faces. we ended up with buying McD ice cream.
meet : Mahirah

i miss them so much. the 3 hours meet up was just not enough to catch up everything >.<
eh, i coincidently met sya :) kami selalu ada jodoh tau. selalu aje terserempak dimana-mana.
and one more, i accidently met my uia-mate, Baie :)

Today was awesome. I went for shopping with ainul :) yeeehhaaaa. bought some stuffs for raya :)) wink3~however, sogo was suck. sumpah. lots of people. everywhere. i know all of them pun nak shopping. including me.(jangan nak merungut) lalalala. as usual, wandered around jalan tar.same! ramai jugak org. mcm nak mampus. but somehow, I am happy bcos i still managed to settle down everything. bought what i want. and the best part, when i reached home, my parcel dah sampai. the thing that i bought from online shop.teehee :DD one more thing, i met qella! my schoolmate masa dekat seseri dulu. apa kau rasa bila org yg kau dh tak jumpa setahun lebih, tiba2 terserempak tgh jalan? mmg enna speechless la kan. aku peluk dia kuat2.

thats all for now i think.anyways, saya belum bercuti utk raya lagi. still got one week more before raya break. and some works need to be submitted.

p/s: Mufidah and the gang nak turun KL. they asked me to join. Mama, kasi lagi tak nak keluar? hehe

Aina Nadiah.

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