Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Salam everyone :D
I just got so many things to ramble about. I am going back home tomorrow. Yeay yeay. I miss homecook by mama,my adik.hurrrmmm.because he did called me yesterday. talked about so manyyy and where should i start? i dont know why. i just feel like things are getting worse and worse day by day. my life. study. for the past few days and weeks were very hectic for me. with all those assignments, speeches, quizzes! Ohmaigod~ but aina still rasa bersyukur, the quizzes marks were not bad. i was so tired like everyday pukul 10 je dah boleh tertido.huh! merepek lah aina, sudah.


-Tingkatkan amalan di bulan Ramadhan-

Aina Nadiah.

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