Saturday, November 26, 2011

1433 H

Salam maal hijrah.

According to Hijrah year, i've turned 20 the last 2 months and will be turning 21 for this coming Syawal. I mean our 2012 raya puasa :) hee ~  owh, so old! but still, Alhamdulillah. must set a goal. new resolutions. and work hard to achieve it.

I've done with reciting the doa for hujung tahun and awal tahun. yeah, never gonna  miss it ;)

Anyways, some friends did asked me..why I make my blog private? I just replied, 'nak biarkan sekejap. and for some reasons, I make it private. actually i did something here and there in this blog. Oh I still got my ermm, diary for me to write and spill anything there, but that one remains private :P okay ;) until I come back!

Miss yah.


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