Wednesday, November 2, 2011

UIA di hatiku

Assalamualaikum :) and Happy Wednesday, people :D
If on Wednesday, most of the bloggers practice, wordless wednesday, it will never happen to me. but who knows? i might be following them one day. but at least, up until now, I haven't post any such things 'Wordless Wednesday'. teehee :P

Well, after i knew my result which was came out on 28/10/2011, I feel very grateful. Syukur sangat sangat. I know that my result is not like some others yang dapat tip-top pointer itu kan. tapi ianya sesuai dengan usaha aina :) alhamdulillah. it wasn't that easy since what u learnt is harder from time to time. and finally it paid off as the result is passing my target :) and thanks you to family and friends for supporting me, always by myside through thick and thin. it is not easy to going through everything all alone. and when you fall and to stand straight back ;p and kepada yang ucap tahniah hari tu, jutaan terima kasih saya ucapkan.

Talking about result, sometimes I think it is all about faith, luck, destiny and hardword. Never mind. Allah knows better, we as a human should always pray. So next destination >> IIUM GOMBAK :) definitely, i will be pursuing my degree here and of course it will still be in English course. it is just that I am not sure to majoring in what and bla bla bla. I really hope my high spirit to learn something new will never disappear and gone. Thats all I think. To graduate students, enjoy your well-deserved break. and for those yang tgh buat short sem, belajar elok2. dont worry, see you guys in Gombak. Insya'allah~

This is what some friends of mine said :

Get yourself ready for degree life girl. -AMNI-

I remembered when Azue tak henti2 ucap alhamdulillah when i passed everything. Thank you very much dear. you are such a splendid friend. and yeah, aina tak sabar nak jumpa azue jugak. Next January, ok! deal? 

xoxo, Aina Nadiah.

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