Monday, November 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum and Hello :)

Holiday for me is like 50-50. What I mean is fun and the other half is mixed feelings :( sad,dislike, etc.etc. I have been thinking a lot about many things recently.myself, friends, family, and life. Sometimes, someone/anonymous/stalker/loser that come and go in your life are just too annoying! They just love to judge about you but in fact they never know you. Maybe they just know you from being a silent reader at your blog/fb/twitter. and they will come with their own judgement which are wrong. I am not saying they are totally wrong but they just know you just a piece from there! Watch out, people! Yeah, nobody's perfect :) Jangan la asyik nak cari salah dan kelemahan orang lain sahaja. Awak pun tak sempurna kan? I remembered one of my friend speech- STOP JUDGING PEOPLE~ you guys are just adding the negative charge in the world and spread to others as well when you think/talk bad about other people. Lets change because this world need more positive charge :)

I think I will stop blogging for a while/close my blog.

p/s : saya harap awak 
lebih tenang sekarang.

xoxo,Aina Nadiah

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