Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AIDILADHA-Blissful Celebration

Salam Aidiladha people. yeah, late post. I just came back yesterday from my village. it was so amazing to gather and meet all your love ones :) to me, this is the best aidiladha ever. I got a chance to meet my big familia from mama's side. more words isn't in need i think, so yeah>> photos :)

my beloved cousins. i miss them already.
i missed cakap utara with them. they way mimi says "MELUAT". haha

we also celebrated our aunty birthday + her retirement.
see all those present :P

The kids were very excited to tear the wrapping paper. to know whats inside :)

I was given a shawl. yeay~


Goodbye,Kedah~ it was me and nurin.
in this photo, i am seeing myself with different look.with tudung bawal maybe.
and sumpah dah tembam and berisi. lol.

xoxo, Aina Nadiah.


amal said...

naty dtg Kedah , singgah rumah ;) hee

Aina Nadiah said...

owh amal tggl dekat kedah ke? tak tau pulak. insya'allah, free2 boleh pegi :P

khadijah said...

you look simple yet pretty wearing make up :D

Aina Nadiah said...

khaaaaaaty :)
kenapa dah tak update blog?
i bet u will look much prettier too if u wear simple make up.
and yeah, tak sabaaaar nak jumpa bila dah masuk gombak nnt :DD

puteri nur aqiliah said...

amboi shawl dia:) hehehe

Aina Nadiah said...

biasa2 saja. hee~