Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 weeks holiday :)

Hello everyone :D

I miss my friends. Just so you know, semua org pun tak sabar nak habis periksa. well, after the exam ended, everyone was gone. back to their kampung/home :) inslucing me :D hihi. I cherish every single second at home right now. Spending time with family. and yeah, not to forget waiting for my result. gulp -.- naaah, forget about it for a while.

instead of online-ing without purpose, browse these and that... I want to occupy with time with something benefical. knowledge is everywhere right. as for now, I like to listen to some of the lectures from Islamic scholars in Youtube :) how amazing and awesome they are :D

I would like to try some new recipes of food. but but I am so lazy to go to the market to shop for the things! HAHA. wanna updates with friends. Spending time at home sometimes can make us get bored, but at the moment saya tak rasa lagi. mengadap laptop, tgk tv. and I have a lot of reading materials. magazines, novels and newspapers! aina kadang2 2/3 hari tak baca, so hari keempat tu, baca sampai tiga/4 paper terus. HAHA.

I need exercise! living in UIA, I gained kgs~ lol. banyak jalan, banyak makan! and I think I need to lose a bit >.< Okay, I only have about 11/12 days before the short semester. Everything is just too quick! haih.

This is just very random writing.
(bcoz the moment abah said, tak payah masak hari ni, abah beli je, yahoooo! and apalagi, mengadap laptop) :D


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