Saturday, June 9, 2012

Live again :)


Assalamualaikum :) Hello, people. I didn't post much since I started my degree. I have been busy with my new life as a university student :P hee. yeah, I am home and the final examination has ended, means I am done with my first semester :D yahooo! time fly very fast yea~ it was just a relieved. ALHAMDULILLAH. Finally, I can have a rest (eat, sleep, etc.etc) without thinking about studies >.< at least for these 2 weeks time. yeay.

Basically, I was busy with all those study stuffs, joined some other university programmes, club and society :D made lots of new friends, enjoyed myself watching theatre performance. and i did watch Salju Hitam and Pinocchio this semester. wanna watch moreeee next sem :D being in UIA, people are talking about marriage here and there. well, one of my coursemate, Dianah has married last May. (saja nak bagi tahu, walaupun ramai semua dah tahu) haha. one of the thing that i regret a bit is that, i dont have much time to go to ceramah, talk yg best2 tu semua :( so sad. insya'allah, i'll grab the chance soon.

Okay, takmau cakap pasal universiti or studies stuffs >.< lolz.

1. Hopefully, can finish up reading my new novels :D (tak bukak plastik lagi). I've got your number by Sophie Kinsella and The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern.

2. Wanna bake some cakes :D and baru je sampai rumah, adik dah request suruh buat spaghetti :P OK.

3. Have enough rest and ready mentally and psychically for my short semester.

4. okay, i will stop!

Bye people.
Until we meet again :D

Aina Nadiah.


Farahin Ahmad said...

Dena bahrin tu ke?hehe

Papepon selamat bershort-sem :D

*first time datang blog nie :)

Aina Nadiah said...

yes, dena bahrin :)
thank you :D

eh, dtg la lagi~ hope to know u :)