Sunday, June 24, 2012

Making decision, my choice =p

Salam lovelies :)

Yeah, have you ever thought that in a day, how many decision have you made? A lot right :P nasi lemak or kuey teow? fish or chicken? spaghetti or lasagna? eh, why am I giving all foods as an example. LOL. Everything is in our hand, but somehow we sometimes will  be influenced by our friends/parents before we actually make up our mind and do the final decision. :) The examples that I gave is just a simple one. and sometimes we have to make a right decision that might involve our life. like what, choosing your partner, career maybe? hee. of course, dalam setiap keputusan yang kita buat tu, kita perlu tempuh kesusahan dan kepayahan. Just be strong and stand up whenever you fall :P

Tomorrow, the short semester will begin. And I choose to do while some others choose not to. so, for them, there will be extra days for the semester break :P Enjoy your holiday, peeps! Dear Allah, give me strength. Cabaran mungkin lebih besar/banyak kali ini. Because why? one of the reason, after discussing with my parents, I choose to LIVE OUT CAMPUS (LOC) during this short semester. Never mind, we'll see how determined am I. Saya perlu gagah :D Insya'allah, when there's a will, there's a way :) Please pray for me~

Every cloud has a silver lining and
There is always rainbow after the rain :)


Aina Nadiah. 

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