Saturday, March 27, 2010


i just wake up from my sleep. was raining cat and dog!
what am i gonna do?
owh,im halfway reading VERSUS.
(gila semangat)

My List :
  • Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Jasmine on the 4th Floor
  • Impiana III

yesterday,i drove my dad's car.
"bwk elok2.kete x padan ngn tuan"
" i know!"
it was my first time drive more than 5 km.
wanna laugh???
gelak je!hahaha ;)
but my dad did say that im brave than my 2 sis.
both of them after got driving license,they straight away use AUTO.
catdog2,im better than u larr.hahaha.(bongkak pulak)

p/s: enna is talking crap bcoz she accidently wake up! (:


Dhiyauddin Solihin said...
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seSey said...

hu3..lawak kut..bgn2 tdo trOs menaip...

ENNA said...

aku tgk byk gk org beli bku bahlut tuhh.nnt la aku bce!
seha: bgn2 truz on PC.haha.tatau pe nk buat.menaip.hahha