Sunday, March 28, 2010

bookfair again~

i went to bookfair again last was such a beautiful moment i went out with them.i reached PWTC late.they were so early.wanna open all the booth i thought.i waited for them at the karangkraf hall.

"mak aihh,merahnye aina." "ngee:).sng nk cam.dok jaoohh 4 batu pon org kenal.haha"so we walked to find books that we need.ata'ain bought A LOT on that day!i met buzz at one of the booth.haha,when i stood long time at PTS booth,fasiihah said that im pramature.haha=]whateva lahh.i met ummu...and some of the seserian there.i HATE all those...what should i called them..[promoter...salesgirls]..whateva lahh.they asked "ade anak?"hey,all of us looks like macik2 keww???huh.lambat lg lahh ye.finally,i bought VERSUS.yg mnjadi kegilaan ramai.haha=]after that we went to the mall( i dh bosan kt sini) for lunch!all of them make their own way after lunch.then anwar text me that he was in i accompanied him.haha.round2 dlm tu lg.i saw there were school girls wore yellow shirts.yes,i reminds me of my old days when i was a high school student.and of course they are my juniors.F4 student.glad to meet
them eventhough they don't know me~~

i bought this beautiful box.its not juz a novel inside.
to complete all the series wrote by ain maisarah.
before i go back,again went to the mall.huh..bosan2~
ate ice cream n pretzel~
thnx a lot!
i heart all of u~


Dhiyauddin Solihin said...
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seSey said...

yup!! heart u too la aina... nnt men bowling sesame tau!!! sOnok kuar dgn hang..btw,,ade "sum1" dgn menggunakn nama noname ..kumen blog kite..gaya cam kite xknl je spe dye... poyos!